EasyReel electro hose reel feedtrough1/2


Article codeSP0000261
Selling typeNew
BrandBerg Hortimotive
Length120 cm
Width79 cm
Height184 cm
Weight135 kg
287336 Your specialist
Sander Zuidgeest

    • hose guide with automatic winding shut-off
    • with speed control
    • drum size: 700x 350 mm.
    • with 1/2″ connection
    • speed control is a system that ensures that the roll-up speed remains almost the same under all circumstances
    • mechanical stepless speed control approx. 10-50 mtr. a minute
    • mechanical automatic hose guide
    • maximum hose length 1/2” 130 mtr.
    • maximum hose length 3/4” 75 mtr.
    • maximum hose length 1” 50 mtr.
    • maximum system pressure at 1/2” and 3/4” is 200 Bar
    • maximum system pressure at 1” is 10 Bar
    • the reel is supplied as standard with a loose plug but without a 230-volt cable