Steenks Service has been a supplier of horticultural and industrial machines for more than 35 years. One of our specialties are pipe rail trolleys of the brands Berg Hortimotive and Berkvens Greenhouse Mobility. These two brands have released completely renewed models of pipe rail trolleys and these are fully in accordance with the latest European standards and legislation and regulations.

Berg Benomic S-Line for high-level crop work

The Benomic S-Line is the latest pipe rail trolley series from Berg Hortimotive. These trolleys meet the new guidelines and standards and are extremely suitable for daily crop activities that are carried out in the greenhouse. In addition, this pipe rail trolley has a user-friendly control and a sturdy construction. This new machine now has double access to the plateau and the renewed control panel also has a USB connection. The Benomic S-line is available in 3 different maximum platform heights, namely in 350 cm, 550 cm and 660 cm. The names of the individual Berg pipe rail trolleys are also derived from the plateau heights, namely Benomic S350, Benomic S500 and Benomic S660.

What also makes the Benomic S-Line series unique is that they are standard equipped with:
  • Battery indicator meter and USB connection in control panel
  • Brushless motor
  • Electrically adjustable speed (0-60 meters per minute)
  • Steel drive roller and nylon wide flanges
  • Security railing with 2 doors
  • Square stainless steel foot pedal
Benomic S-Line S350 pipe rail trolley

Berkvens GL-D models for perfection at great heights

Our new Berkvens pipe rail trolleys are very easy in use and have a robust control panel. Moreover, it is a very big advantage that these wagons are completely maintenance free. The latest models of Berkvens pipe rail trolleys provide efficient crop protection thanks to the hygienic and streamlined design of the scissors and chassis. These new models also include a unique drive and brake function with cruise control. This allows you to carry out your crop work more efficiently than ever before. The Berkvens GL-D series of pipe rail trolleys are currently available in 2 different maximum plateau heights, namely in 350 cm and 500 cm. The names of the Berkvens pipe rail trolleys are also named after the plateau heights, namely Berkvens GL3500-D and Berkvens GL5000-D.
The Berkvens GL-D series is distinguished by:
  • Battery indicator meter in control panel
  • Brushless travel motor with fully enclosed/chainless drive
  • Low entry height (49 cm)
  • Paint protection by sandblasting and two layers of powder coating
  • Maintenance-free: stainless steel foot pedal
  • Platform is equipped with self-closing access gate on both sides
  • Two-part and extra narrow scissor version
Berkvens GL3500-D pipe rail trolley