At Steenks Service, we recently produced ten new tomato hook winding machines, which means that we can deliver the machines quickly and from stock again. After carrying out the final test on the hook winding machines, we packed the machines in special wooden transport boxes to prevent any damage during transport. This ensures that you have a well-functioning machine!

Hook winding machines for tomato cultivation

The tomato hook winding machines have been specially developed for tomato cultivation to simplify work and save money. Many vegetable growers have now found their way to these hook winding machines, making the time-saving machines internationally very popular. The hook winding machines are used by growers to automatically wrap tomato hooks. Because the tomato hooks can be reused and because you no longer have to wind the hooks manually, you save a lot of time and money.

Features of the tomato hook winding machines

The tomato hook winding machine has a total of 6 hook holders, 2 string counters, and a total counter. This allows the wrapping of tomato hooks to be carried out quickly and effectively. The wrapping capacity of the machine is therefore no less than 600 tomato hooks (of 22 cm) per hour. The machine can wrap various types of string and the desired string length and winding speed can easily be set digitally via the touch screen control. In addition to being user-friendly, the hook winding machine is also completely maintenance-free. Watch the video below to see the tomato hook winding machine in action.

Hook winding machines available from stock

Are you interested in purchasing a tomato hook winding machine? Our machines are available from stock and are always delivered to you ready for use. Of course, upon delivery of the machine, we will gladly provide you with clear instructions, so that you can get started right away. You can also contact us to purchase related products, such as different types of string and tomato hooks in various sizes. Do you have any questions about, for example, how the hook winding machine works, or do you want more information about the machine? Please feel free to contact us without obligation. Our specialists will gladly assist you!