Recently we delivered our Stefix 135 ground cover floor sweeper to Schrijnwerkers, one of the largest blueberry plant nurseries in Europe. Schrijnwerkers consists of a five-hectare container field and a five thousand square meter greenhouse, in which multiplication and propagation of two- and three-year-old plants takes place.

Removing weed seeds

With the Stefix 135 floor sweeper from Steenks Service, Schrijnwerkers does not only ensure that the nursery always looks tidy, but also that hygiene is taken care of. This is of course very important in plant cultivation, because weed seeds must be removed from every nook and cranny. When this is not done carefully, the seeds quickly spread across the field, and weeds will develop. Removing all those weeds takes a lot of time, and will also increase labor costs, because this has to be done manually.

Use of the floor sweeper

With the floor sweeper, work can be done better and more precise. When using a regular broom, weed seeds are often left behind and a dust cloud is created. The brush of the Stefix floor sweeper, however, brushes the dirt towards itself and then sucks it up, so no cloud of dust will appear. In addition, the floor sweeper also contains filters that ensure that the fine dirt remains in the storage bin.

The sweeper especially comes in handy after a season in which the plants on the field are packed and shipped. Using a large vacuum sweeper, many leaves that are left on the field can be removed. The Stefix 135 is then used to completely clean the rest of the field.

Schrijnwerkers kiest voor Stefix 135 | Steenks Service

More about the Stefix 135 ground cover floor sweeper

The Stefix 135 can be used for both sweeping soft, and uneven surfaces, such as cultivation floors or outdoor areas. This sweeper is also very suitable for sweeping fine dust. Thanks to the wide wheels at the front and the back, and the modified track gauge, there will be no tire track imprints on the cultivation floor, and everything stays nice and flat.

Purchase the Stefix 135 floor sweeper?

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