Last week we delivered a new Stefix 135 ground cover floor sweeper to Stars Plant from Poederoijen (a small village in The Netherlands), a company that specializes in growing young plants. Stars Plant already owned a Stefix 73 ground cover floor sweeper, but by trading it in for a new Stefix 135, the company now can keep its large cultivation area completely free of dirt and dust even more efficiently.

Stefix 73 ground cover floor sweeper

The ground cover sweepers from our range are extremely suitable for sweeping up dirt and fine dust and for cleaning soft and uneven surfaces, such as anti-root cloth, outdoor areas, or cultivation floors. Depending on the size of the area to be cleaned, we offer various ground cover sweepers. The Stefix 73 walk-behind floor sweeper is the smallest sweeper in our range and has a capacity of 3,400 m² per hour. Thanks to the wide wheels at the front and back and thanks to the special track alignment, the cultivation floor stays nice and flat.

Stefix 135 ride-on sweeper

If you need to sweep a large area and want to enjoy a maximum cleaning result, we recommend choosing the Stefix 135 ground cover floor sweeper. This machine is ideal when you grow on anti-root cloth or foil. The biggest difference between the Stefix 73 and Stefix 135 is the capacity. While the Stefix 73 is very suitable for smaller surfaces, the Stefix 135 can sweep no less than 10,000 m² per hour. Also, this sweeper offers extra comfort thanks to the seat.

Stefix 73 and Stefix 135 floor sweepers | Steenks Service

Trade in your old machine at Steenks Service

Is your company, just like Stars Plant, ready for modern machines, and do you still have old machines? At Steenks Service we offer the possibility to trade in your old machine for a new machine. Our specialists will be happy to visit your company to take a look at the machines and determine their trade-in value. Of course, we are also happy to advise you which machine can best replace your current machine. This is to ensure that your business operations are as efficient as possible. Feel free to contact us to discuss the possibilities.