Last week our colleagues from sales and some colleagues from the workshop were on a two-day business trip at Reisopack in Barcelona. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, this was not possible for a long time, but luckily Steenks Service and Reisopack were able to meet again for the first time in ages.

Product improvement and exchange of knowledge

During this trip to Spain, several things were discussed and reviewed. It is of course true that there is always room for product improvement in our technical sector. Our colleagues from both the workshop and sales have had several conversations with Reisopack in Barcelona and the latest techniques have also been examined. An important development is that a new model of machine has been developed by Reisopack.

New model Reisopack 2200

This model was also explained on site by the staff of Reisopack. The Reisopack 2200 is a vertical strapping machine and is suitable for different types of pallet sizes. This Reisopack machine can strap a pallet with a height between 50 and 270 centimetres and a width between 80 and 130 centimetres. The machine goes through the pallet with a lance so that the pallet is tied vertically to the load with strapping band.

Customized Reisopack strapping machine sold

The custom-made model is also almost ready for transport. This new Reisopack 2200 will be installed at a large pallet factory in the Netherlands by one of our product specialists. This machine is completely custom-made, so that it also has a special press at the customer’s request and can be placed on an existing production line.

The renewed Reisopack 2200 is also available in our range. Are you interested or do you have any questions? Please contact one of our product specialists. This can be done via or via +31(0) 174 510 266.

The Reisopack 2200 at the factory of Reisopack