Charger high freq. 24V waterproof 650W


Article codeAL0000018
Selling typeNew
Length25 cm
Width19 cm
Height8 cm
287336 Your specialist
Sander Zuidgeest

    • suitable for lead acid, AGM, GEL and Li-Ion batteries
    • equipped with trickle charge function
    • fully closed aluminum cover (IP66): water and dust resistant
    • worldwide usable (85 -265VAC, 45-65Hz)
    • high Energy efficiency
    • 2-Way communication via USB port
    • very Robust charger: resistant to high vibrations, extreme temperatures, falling and chemicals
    • charging curves by brand, type and capacity of battery for optimal charging and battery life
    • each IC650 charger has 25 charging curves, easily adjustable
    • advanced service memory
    • LED + 7 digit display

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    OPTION: + available with handle