Top Cleaner Greenhouse roof washer


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    • drive: electric / hydraulic
    • voltage: 400/480V at 50/60Hz
    • current: 16A
    • cleaning capacity: 1,350-2,000 m²/h
    • spraying capacity: 10,000-14,000 m²/h max.
    • operation: Available as manual and automatic
    • high efficiency hydraulic unit for optimum performance, even at very low temperatures (0.5 ° C) and gutter lengths> 300m
    • UV-resistant brush roller 450mm Ø
    • waterproof LED lights.
    • protective covers over the axle couplings of the drive shafts
    • optical fault signal
    • security: sensors for the wheels and reels

    More information about Top Cleaner Greenhouse roof washer

    The Top Cleaner is a quality cleaner for any type of Venlokas. The machine only uses water to clean the glass and is equipped with all possible safety features. OPTIONS: + rolling guiders on the reels + open window detection + electrically powered gutter brush + spray coatings with the Top Cleaner