Are you looking for a SIMAI tow tractor, that supports you in moving heavy loads? Unfortunately, we currently do not have any SIMAI electric tow tractors in our offer, but we can offer you several excellent alternatives for a SIMAI tow tractor. Consider, for example, the strong and reliable electric tow tractors from the popular brands Spijkstaal and Bull. Because these powerful machines have a towing power that varies from 500 kg to no less than 30,000 kg, no challenge is too great for both Spijkstaal and Bull electric tow tractors!

Customized tow tractors

Thanks to their versatility, electric tow tractors can be used in a large number of industries. Despite the fact that we currently do not offer SIMAI tractors, we can still offer you an tow tractor that fully meets your wishes and specific situation. Thanks to our knowledge of these machines and our skilled mechanics, we can deliver custom solutions. Would you, for instance, like a hydraulic clamp on your electric tow tractor to make it easier to transport heavy parts, or would you like a custom tow bar? That is no problem! Please feel free to contact our specialists to discuss the options regarding customized tow tractors.

Steenks Service as your SIMAI specialist

At Steenks Service we can offer you various good alternatives for a SIMAI tow tractor. Besides buying an electric tow tractor, with us it is also possible to rent or lease an electric tow tractor. This is useful for example when you have a temporary job or have a project that requires an additional electric tow tractor. Would you like help and advice in finding the best alternative for a SIMAI tow tractor? Do not hesitate and contact us without any obligation. We are happy to be of service to you.