At Steenks Service, we offer different types of spraying machines that are suitable for both cleaning greenhouses and spraying crops. Spraying machines ensure that work activities within the greenhouse can be done more easily and quickly, and that plant protection products are used as efficiently as possible. Also, the machines are very useful during the watering of crops and during the spraying of pesticides. Using a spraying machine will therefore not only save you resources, but will also provide you with a more efficient work process.

Buy or lease a spraying machine

At Steenks Service it is possible to purchase or lease both new and used spraying machines. Leasing a spraying machine is the sensible choice, for example, when doing a large investment at once is not desirable. We lease our spraying machines at fixed prices, so you will always keep control over your expenses. In addition, you avoid costs and worries that are associated with the maintenance of the spraying machine.

Whether you are looking for a spray cart on air wheels, greenhouse roof cleaner, spray mast, hose reel, spray trolley or just a battery charger, with our large selection of spraying machines and accompanying products, we are able to meet any need. Below you can see the various types of spraying machines we offer at Steenks Service.

Pipe rail spraying machines

Different types of spraying machines

Most spraying machines are equipped with air wheels, but we can also supply you with spraying machines that are suitable for pipe rail systems. Because the heating pipes in greenhouses act as rails for spraying machines, the machines can move easily and stable. Additional to their ability to drive (electrically powered) over the pipe rail system, spraying machines can also drive over the concrete greenhouse floor.

Spray cart on air wheels

Spray carts on air wheels can be used for all kinds of spraying activities within the greenhouse. For instance, you can think of crop care, spraying pesticides, and greenhouse cleaning activities. The tank capacity of our spray carts on air wheels varies from 200 liters up to no less than 2,000 liters.

Greenhouse roof cleaners

Do you want your greenhouse windows to be cleaned inside and out? Then our greenhouse roof cleaners offer you the solution. At Steenks Service we offer both automatic greenhouse roof cleaners and hand-operated greenhouse roof cleaners. A greenhouse roof cleaner will not only clean your greenhouse very thoroughly, but will also save you a lot of time. And, with a few adjustments it is even possible to use the same machine to apply coatings.

Spray cart

With our spray carts from, among others, the brands Berg Hortimotive and Empas, you can perform spraying activities within the greenhouse in a very user-friendly manner. The machines are equipped with a driving mechanism, a pump, and a supply of water or pesticides. This allows a spray cart to easily spray liquids over the crops or to clean the greenhouse. It is also possible to gain extra reach by combining a spray cart with a spray mast or spray boom.

Spray trolley

Do you want to save as much time as possible with your spraying activities within the greenhouse? Then use our spray trolleys! With the help of a spray trolley, crops get sprayed fully automatic, which will save you a lot of work. By using the spray trolley together with a transport trolley, the machine can be moved automatically from aisle to aisle. And, because the spray trolleys can be easily programmed, you can let the machines skip an aisle when desired.

Delivered in a fully operational state

Our spraying machines are delivered in a fully operational state. Whether you want a new spraying machine or a used one, and whether you want to buy the machine or lease it, we will make sure the machine is ready to use. Of course, the machine is delivered including a battery charger or power cable. This way you can immediately start using your spraying machine after delivery, without having to assemble or arrange a thing!

Used spraying machines

Does your company already own spraying machines, but are they due for replacement? Are you dealing with a business shutdown, or do you just want to sell your used machines for whatever reason? Your old machines are worth money! Used spraying machines can be traded at Steenks Service, or can be sold to us. Contact us to make an appointment with one of our buyers. We are happy to visit you to determine the value of your machine(s) together.

The best service, guaranteed

Over the years, at Steenks Service we have managed to become a premium specialist when it comes to horticultural machines. Therefore, we are able to meet all your needs. Our experts are glad to assist you in finding a suitable spraying machine for your specific situation. Even if you experience any problems while using the machine, the team of Steenks Service is at your full disposal!

Because our specialists receive regular training, their knowledge is and remains up-to-date. This allows them to perform all repair and maintenance activities to your spraying machines; in our workshop or at your company location.

Frequently asked questions

What is a spraying machine?

A spraying machine can be used for spraying crops and cleaning crops.

What types of spraying machines are there?

There are air wheel spraying machines, but also pipe rail spraying machines.

Are there automatic spraying machines?

Yes, there are automatic spraying machines. Combined with a transport vehicle this spraying machine can move automatically.

Do you need to get a certificate for a spraying machine?

Yes, a spraying machine needs to be inspected every year in Netherlands. You need to have a SKL certificate. Steenks Service doesn’t examinate these inspections by itself, but it could be arranged.