Strapping machine 2905 High Speed


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Type2905 HS
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    • usage: free standing as well as in a processing line (with free standing usage a approach angle is necessary and the loading of the pallet should be provided perfectly right-angled)
    • PLC: standard Omron
    • With color touchscreen, which is equipped with instructional video how to change strap
    • voltage: 400 v 50/60 Hz 3 Phase
    • production speed: 3 straps and pallet corners in approximately 52 sec. (exclusive transport/in-output)
    • suitable for pallet corners 35×35 + 40×40 + 45×45 (These should be perfectly right-angled and made of the right quality)
    • has an available buffer of approximately 80 pallet corners per storage (assuming a standard thickness of approx. 2,5mm)
    • with pallet corner presses for perfect positioning of the pallet corners

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    OPTIONS: + remote control + electrical voltage regulator (adjustable with each program) + delivered in desired RAL-color + another PLC control (standard Omron) + pneumatic press for pallets (left and right) to strapping frame HS-Code: 84224000