Strapping machine 2905 Standard

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    • production speed: 3 tires and palletcorner in approx. 72 sec. (excluding transport/import/export)
    • pallets to be strapped: (loaded equal to pallet) (80×80 to120x120 cm.)
    • pallets can be strapped long+short side leading
    • minimum pallet height with load for strapping with pallet corner is 1200 mm.
    • mini./max. tie height: 145/2600 mm. (excluding any increases by third parties)
    • electric arms that detect the pallet by means of photocells, which means that different pallet dimensions can also be strapped
    • machine is equipped with a double corner batten warehouse. You can therefore choose 2 different types or length of corner battens or you have an extra large stock (2x 40 pc.) (Based on the standard thickness of approx. 2.5 mm.)
    • with corner rail pressers for perfect positioning of the corner bars
    • with each strapping, the corner battens are pressed onto the corner of the pallet
    • With color touchscreen, which is equipped with instructional video how to change the strap

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