At Steenks Service, we offer a wide range of high-quality floor scrubbers. Over the years, our machines have proven to be highly reliable. An electric floor scrubber allows you to clean effortlessly and get your floor surface spick and span in no time at all.

How does an electric floor scrubber work?

Getting an electric floor scrubber ready for operation is very easy. All you need to do is fill the water tank with water and a suitable cleaning agent. Depending on the hygiene regulations, you may also need a disinfectant cleaning agent. You can then drive the floor scrubber around quickly and easy to scrub the floor. The electric floor scrubber is also fitted with a suction function to suck away the dirty water immediately. If the floor is extremely dirty, we advise against using the suction function at first. This will help the cleaning agent to penetrate the floor surface properly. You can then dry the floor afterwards with the suction function.

Benefits of an electric floor scrubber

It goes without saying that the greatest benefit of an electric floor scrubber is the easy cleaning. In addition to the convenience of our machines, you also save on labour costs. You can clean a large floor area in no more than a few hours, so other activities don’t need to be halted for too long. Our electric floor scrubbers are intuitive in use and the wastewater tank is easy to drain with the drain hose. With the added suction function, your floors will be dry again immediately after cleaning, thus preventing the risk of slipping. In addition, individual parts can also be replaced without difficulty, such as when they show signs of wear. These can be ordered in our parts webshop and will be delivered as quickly as possible.

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Purchasing an electric floor scrubber from Steenks Service

Interested in purchasing an electric floor scrubber but having difficulty choosing the right one? At Steenks Service, we have many years of experience so we are well placed to give you sound advice. As an alternative to purchasing an electric floor scrubber, you can also rent one. Please contact us by e-mail at or by phone on +31(0) 174 510 266 for a no-obligation discussion. Hopefully we can work with you to identify the perfect electric floor scrubber!