Industrial vacuum cleaners have been a household name in horticulture and industry for many years. And that is not without reason. These vacuum cleaners are ideal for cleaning surfaces quickly and easily. We can imagine that you are looking for an industrial vacuum cleaner that is conveniently sized, with which you can effortlessly suck up dust, dirt, and even liquids. At Steenks Service we, therefore, offer you a solution for every cleaning challenge. Our industrial vacuum cleaners are all robust and powerful, which means that they can be used for the most extreme work activities. Both new and used industrial vacuum cleaners, with which the vacuuming of (fine) dust and liquids is done in no time, are offered by us.

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Stefix HP 4,5 L70 AB + suction nozzleNew
Stefix HP 4,5 L70 AB + suction nozzle


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TypeStefix HP 4,5 L70AB+
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Stefix HP 4,5 L70 ABNew
Stefix HP 4,5 L70 AB

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BrandSteenks Service
TypeStefix HP 4,5 L70 AB
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Industrial vacuum cleaners for both wet and dry dirt

The industrial vacuum cleaners from our range offer an efficient way to properly and quickly remove dust and liquids from dry and wet surfaces. This makes the vacuum cleaners very suitable for use in, among others, horticulture, workplaces, factory halls, office buildings, and hotels. The industrial vacuum cleaners have a very powerful motor and have a tank and a special filter to collect the various (liquid) substances. These vacuum cleaners are also pleasant to use due to their handy size and require little maintenance.

Order your industrial vacuum cleaner at Steenks Service

If you are looking for an industrial (wet) vacuum cleaner, Steenks Service is the right place for you. Our industrial vacuum cleaners can be used for various applications and under various circumstances. At Steenks Service, you are in any case assured of a powerful and user-friendly vacuum cleaner that will last for many years. Are you interested in purchasing an industrial vacuum cleaner or would you like more information or advice? Feel free to call or email us, we are happy to think along with you!

Steenks Service: your specialist in industrial vacuum cleaners

Steenks Service is your reliable specialist for various types of cleaning machines, including the industrial vacuum cleaners described above. At Steenks Service you can purchase both new and used industrial vacuum cleaners. It is also possible to rent or lease a vacuum cleaner from us. Providing high-quality service is also very important to us and that is why we pay a lot of attention to this. When maintenance is required on your industrial vacuum cleaner, our technical service is happy to assist you. Our team of specialists can carry out maintenance on your machine at your location or in our workshop. Feel free to contact us without obligation to discuss the possibilities.

Frequently asked questions

What is an industrial vacuum cleaner?

An industrial vacuum cleaner is used to clean different surfaces. The industrial cleaner can pick up dirt, (fine) dust and liquids. An industrial vacuum cleaner can be connected to a standard wall socket.

What is the benefit of an industrial vacuum cleaner?

An industrial vacuum cleaner is suitable for vacuuming wet and dry dirt. In addition, industrial vacuum cleaners have agile dimensions and require only minimal maintenance.