A tow tractor from Steenks Service is a powerful machine, with a towing power ranging from 500 kg to even 30,000 kg. They are also ideal machines for moving all the heavy work. Their versatility means that tow tractors are used in a large number of sectors. With brands like Spijkstaal and Bull, we supply strong and reliable tow tractors that are up to any challenge.

At Steenks Service you can buy new and used tow tractors, but for temporary projects you can also rent, or even lease tow tractors from us. The tractors are suitable for indoor and outdoor work and can, if necessary, be operated in full automatic mode (without the need to be manned). With these AGV tractors you get the in-house services of a strong machine, whilst also being able to automate internal transport.

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Electric tow tractors for different purposes

The electric tractors of Steenks Service can be used for different purposes. More and more companies opt for electric transport, instead of transport using fuel engines.

Electric tractors are used for the following purposes, amongst other things:

  • at flower auctions;
  • in the horticultural industry;
  • for order picking (distribution centres);
  • at airports (such as Schiphol Airport and other international airports);
  • in ports;
  • by the technical service team of a company;
  • for city distribution;
  • in hospitals;
  • in the industrial industry;
  • in the railway industry;
  • for passenger transport;
  • for city cleaning / public works / green spaces;
  • for wheelchair transport;
  • for in and around exhibition buildings.

Regardless of the sector, electric tractors always offer a solution when it comes to the transport of light or heavy objects.

Maximum power with a traction battery

There is a reason, after all, why the name ‘electric tow tractor’ starts with the word 'electric'. The tractor is fully electric powered. Besides the fact that it is more environmentally friendly than a petrol vehicle, the electric tow tractor also offers another major advantage; the fact that it runs on a fully charged traction battery. An electric vehicle can use its maximum power immediately, but a petrol vehicle can only use its maximum power once it has achieved a certain number of revolutions. The electric tow tractor uses its power efficiently, which means that the maximum result can be achieved immediately.

Used tow tractors

Steenks Service does not just sell tow tractors, but also allows one to exchange them or purchases them from you. We have a large number of used tow tractors which are offered at attractive prices. Naturally, all used tow tractors undergo a full overhaul and visual revival before being offered for sale again. Even when you prefer a used tow tractor, you can rest assured that the machine will be in perfect technical condition, whilst being able to rely on our quality service. All used tow tractors are also sold with a warranty, and naturally include the high-frequency battery charger.

Leasing electric tow tractors

Some clients prefer to lease tow tractors, instead of renting or buying them. Without having to dish out for a large investment all at once, they are still able to use the electric tractors of Steenks Service, for an extended period. With this option, all maintenance, inspection and repair activities are included in the fixed lease price.

AGV tractors

Steenks Service also supplies AGV tractors. The AGV tractor stands for Automatic Guided Vehicle. In other words, an electric tow tractor which can operate a pre-installed route, without the need to be manned. Operation is fully automated, which means that internal transport can be carried out without a driver. The AGV tractor can be connected to your loading and unloading system, for example.

By means of induction technology and embedded cables, the AGV tractors know exactly which route to follow. They are also equipped with a laser scanner, which recognises obstacles on the route. This means that you can deploy your personnel more efficiently, but moreover, that safety is guaranteed.

Customized electric tow tractor

We regularly receive requests for customized work when our clients order electric tow tractors. We do all the customized work in our own workshop, which means that we can take action immediately and are able to meet the client's needs in full.

These are some of the customized activities that are sometimes requested for electric tow tractors:

  • mounting different draw hooks;
  • installing a boxed / canvas body;
  • extending the rear compartment;
  • spraying the vehicle in the required colours;
  • installing a hoist mechanism (such as a loading crane);
  • installing a pump set with water tank;
  • replacing the seat with a two-seater bench;
  • extending the chassis;
  • mounting an hydraulic tilting box;
  • fully customized tow tractor and co-steered trailers.

Whatever you want, we will convert your tow tractor based entirely on your preferences.

Your tow tractor delivered in a fully operational state

All new and used tow tractors for sale or lease are supplied by us in a fully operational state and always include the accompanying high-frequency battery charger. You don't need to assemble or adjust anything yourself. We take care of all this in advance. In other words, you can use your tow tractor immediately after delivery, whilst enjoying the advantages offered by these machines.

VA-Keur (VEBIT) safety hallmark

Steenks Service implements the VA-Keur hallmark (previously this was called VEBIT). We do, after all, consider your safety to be very important. We are also a recognised VA-Keur inspection company, and perform safety inspections on the tow tractors each year, by means of the VA-Keur hallmarking system. These inspections can be carried out simultaneously with the electric tow tractor's scheduled maintenance interval.

The best service, guaranteed

Our quality service is our standard bearer. We attach considerable value to it and work on it constantly. Together with you, we search for an electric tow tractor that is best suited to you and your company.

However, our service does not end after the purchase. All maintenance / repair activities and inspections (such as VA-Keur, amongst others) to your tow tractors are performed on location or in our own workshop, by professionals. Our service technicians receive regular training to ensure that their knowledge remains up-to-date. This level of specialisation also means that the service technicians will be able to answer all your questions. We can therefore safely say that our specialisation is unique.


Our team is ready to assist, should you encounter a problem or question while using your electric tow tractor. You can also order specific parts for your machines from us. Steenks Service provides the best service for you and your tow tractors, guaranteed!

Frequently asked questions

What is a tow tractor?

Tow tractors are machines suited for transport. They have a towing power ranging from 500 kg to even 30,000 kg. The machines are powerful, reliable and multi-useful.

What types of tow tractors are there?

There are different kinds of tow tractors. You have: ride-on tow tractors, stand-on tractors, electric burden carriers, close cabin tow tractors and automated guide vehicles.

Do you have self-driving tow tractors?

Yes, a self-driving tractor is called an automated guided vehicle. This tractor can drive automatic on a pre-installed route. Therefore there is no need for a driver.

Where do you use tow tractors for?

Tow tractors are widely applicable. They are used in different industries. For example: flower auctions, horticultural industry, hospitals, passenger transport, public works, airports, distribution centers, order picking, railway industry and more.

What are the advantages of tow tractors?

A tow tractor is fully electric powered and doesn’t have gases like a petrol vehicle. Besides that it runs on a fully charged traction battery. Therefore, the electric tow tractor can use it’s maximum power immediately, but a petrol vehicle can only use its maximum power once it has achieved a certain speed.