At Steenks Service we have a varied range of pipe rail trolleys at our disposal including those from the leading brand Berg Hortimotive, among others. Are you looking for a new pipe rail trolley, do you want to trade in your 'old' machine for a more recent model or do you want to hire a pipe rail trolley? This is all an option! From single hydraulic, double hydraulic, standard to mechanical, 3-scissors or 4-scissors, for both the national and international horticultural sector, we have it all.

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Pipe rail trolleys in horticultural sector

A (electro) pipe rail trolley is becoming an invaluable tool in horticulture these days. They are not only used by the growers, but also installers and payroll contractors are increasingly using our machines. For this reason, the heating pipes in the greenhouses are given a new purpose, which is to act as rails for the pipe rail trolleys. This allows all machines to be moved stably and with great ease. The electric pipe rail trolleys are driven by traction batteries, which can be easily recharged with a high-frequency battery charger. In addition to electrically driving on a pipe rail system, they can also be moved on the concrete floor. This is done specially by using flanged rollers.

Pipe rail trolleys are used by vegetable and flower growers for the following duties, for example:

  • low and high crop work;
  • harvesting operations (also at different working heights);
  • transportation of flowers, plants and vegetables;
  • spraying crops;
  • cleaning cultivation gutters;
  • replacing screen cloths;
  • cleaning of lamps (assimilation lighting);
  • glass and roof repairs;
  • various other maintenance and repair work.

Used pipe rail trolleys

Steenks Service has loyal clients. When a client needs a new pipe rail trolley, they come to us and exchange their old machine for a new one. In so doing, our clients are assured of an attractive purchase price, but also ensure that we have an extensive assortment for clients who prefer to purchase used pipe rail trolleys.

All exchanged machines undergo a full overhaul and visual revival (such as panel beating and a new coat of paint). Our used pipe rail trolleys are therefore just as reliable as the new ones. Our used pipe rail trolleys are offered at attractive prices, but obviously without loss of our quality service and warranty.

Customized pipe rail trolleys

Some customers have some additional wishes before purchasing a pipe rail trolley. It is possible at Steenks Service to provide these customers with our customized solutions. We carry out this customized work in our own workshop, making nearly everything conceivable.

Listed below are some examples of customization for a pipe rail trolley:

  • spray painting in desired colors;
  • adding an additional hydraulic mechanism for more reach in height;
  • mounting a specific spray unit or spray arm;
  • installing an additional safety rail;
  • converting the transport mechanism with pneumatic wheels;
  • attaching an electric hose reel.

Whatever your needs, we customize the pipe rail car completely to your requirements.

The highest level of service at Steenks Service

No matter if you choose a new or used pipe rail trolley, whether you want to purchase one or rent it, all our machines are delivered to you ready to use with the correct rail size. This means that once your pipe rail trolley is delivered, you can immediately enjoy all the benefits it brings.

Besides installing the pipe rail trolley at your location, we at Steenks Service also take care of the maintenance and repairs ourselves. This is possible in our own workshop or at your location. Our mechanics are constantly trained to keep all knowledge up to date. This way we can guarantee the quality of our pipe rail trolleys. Should you encounter any problems, have questions or wish to order any spare parts, we are always at your service! You can send an email to or contact us by calling +31(0) 174 510 266.

Frequently asked questions

What is a pipe rail trolley?

A pipe rail trolley is a transport vehicle suited for rail systems.

What types of pipe rail trolleys are there?

There are pipe rail trolleys for the transport of goods and people. For example: harvesting trolleys, sitting trolleys, transport trolleys, spray trolleys and push trolleys for high and low crops.

What is the right pipe rail size for a pipe rail trolley?

The pipe rail size depends on the rail system. The size is determined on the width of the rail system from middle to middle.

Where do you use pipe rail trolleys for?

A pipe rail trolley can be used for high and low crop work like harvesting, spraying, repairments and cleaning.

What is the height of a pipe rail trolley?

The height of a pipe rail trolley depends on the type of machine. The height varies between 0.5 meter and 6.5 meter. The maximum height is dependent of the type of pipe rail trolley.