Steenks Service has a large assortment of horticultural machines and machines for various other industrial purposes. Apart from pipe rail trolleys, electric tractors, strapping machines, trailers, cleaning machines, tomato hook winders and string machines, we also supply the machines listed below.

Other horticultural and industrial machines

The name Steenks Service stands for quality. You can always rely on the dependable nature of our machines, whether they are new or used. Moreover, you can always depend on the helpfulness and honest advice from our employees.

Hose reels

Hose reels are used primarily in the horticultural industry. They are used for cleaning the greenhouses and for spraying weed-killers, but also for watering plants and crops. Steenks Service supplies hose reels from the makes Berg Hortimotive and Empas, amongst others.

Our hose reels are available in different models, and we also have a suitable reel for each hose length. One can thus choose from the following, amongst others:

  • manual, spring or electric reels;
  • an add-on reel (for attachment to a pipe rail trolley, for example);
  • an irrigation reel on wheels;
  • an attachment hose reel mounted to a pump set on wheels;
  • models with a 24 volt, 110 volt, 230 volt or 400 volt motor;
  • sprayer reels with or without automatic hose guide;
  • hose reels with or without remote control / sender / receiver;
  • reels with electric speed control.

You can purchase new or used hose reels from Steenks Service, since used hose reels can be exchanged with us, or sold to us.

Spray pumps / masts

Spray pumps are used for horticultural and industrial purposes. With their powerful motor, the operating pressure can vary from 10 to 200 bar, which means they can be used for different purposes. The spray pumps are ideal for pest / weed control or cleaning tasks in greenhouses, in combination with a height-adjustable spray mast, spray arm or spray bar, for example. In addition, spray pumps can also be supplied with a hose reel, with the desired hose and possibly also with a spray gun / spray lance / nozzle, which means they have an even larger range.

Our spray pumps are used for the following purposes, amongst other things:

  • irrigation of plants;
  • pest / weed control of crops;
  • high-pressure cleaning in greenhouses, gutters and business premises, etc.

The spray pumps on wheels can be operated on pipe rails or on the hard subsurface, which means that they are practical in use. They can also be supplied with a tank volume of 30 to 2000 litres.

Steenks Service sells new or used spray pumps, spray masts / bars and hoses (high-pressure hoses and spraying hoses). If required, you can also exchange your ‘old’ machines and accessories with us, or sell them to us.

Leaf vacuums

The leaf vacuums of Steenks Service are used in the horticultural industry for sucking up foliage and crop residue from tomato, sweet pepper, aubergine, zucchini, cucumber and other crops. These crop cleaning machines are ideal for keeping your greenhouse and pipe rail system clean. In other words, no more sweeping with a broom, but fast and efficient cleaning with a leaf vacuum. With the vacuum and brush mechanism, all foliage is simply swept together and sucked up. The leaf vacuum's shredding mechanism also ensures that foliage is ground fine, which means that the storage compartment is used to the best extent possible.

The advanced leaf blowers of Steenks Service are, amongst other things:

  • able to move over pipe rails in greenhouses;
  • equipped with hydraulic drive and hydraulic brushes, in option;
  • equipped with a tank for adding water, to prevent the spreading of fine dust;
  • available in different sizes and storage compartment systems.

You can always exchange your ‘old’ leaf vacuums with us, or sell them to us, which means that we have new and used leaf vacuums available for the horticultural industry.

Pipe rail winch systems

Pipe rail winch systems in the horticultural industry are used explicitly for hoisting pipe rails, to then suspend them from the wire suspension hooks. By hoisting the pipe rail system, space can be created for placing new surfaces, to replace ground cloth or for ploughing activities. You can then proceed without any obstacles. After the work has been done, the pipe rail winch systems can simply lower the pipe rails again. You will never be able to achieve this speed or level of work friendliness without the use of a winch system.

Our pipe rail winch systems are easy to use and can even be operated by 1 person. With an overall lifting height of 5 metres, these systems can create sufficient working space for you, without problems.

Your used pipe rail winch systems can, according to your needs, be exchanged at Steenks Service, which means that you will enjoy an attractive purchase price for a new horticultural machine from our assortment. Since we exchange machines and also buy in, one can purchase new and used pipe rail winch systems from us.

Battery charging stations

The battery charging stations of Steenks Service are often used in the horticultural industry for charging pipe rail trolleys, but can also be used for other purposes where battery chargers / rectifiers are needed.

Our charging stations on wheels are equipped with:

  • 5 high-frequency battery chargers with desulphating battery optimiser function;
  • a tank for demineralised water;
  • a cleaning brush attached to the frame;
  • wheels which can be used on concrete floors and on pipe rails (so you can always keep the concrete path clear).

Besides battery charging stations and battery chargers, we also supply aluminium battery charger docks for mobile use or for assembly in a fixed location. These charger docks offer the battery chargers increased protection from unwanted damage, such as water damage or fall damage.

We primarily sell new battery chargers and battery charging stations, but you can always check with us, to find out whether we have used stations or high-frequency battery chargers in stock.

Delivered in a fully operational state

All our horticultural and industrial machines are delivered in a fully operational state. You can therefore rest assured that you can start immediately, and that you will never encounter unpleasant surprises. Our employees will also give you clear instructions for use or a demonstration. We ensure, in any event, that you are able to enjoy all the advantages of our machines, right off the bat.

The best service, guaranteed

At Steenks Service we know what customer-friendly service is. All our products and services are aimed at making the entire experience as easy as possible for you. We also constantly work on improving our products and on keeping the knowledge of our employees at the required professional level.

We employ specialists for the technical support aspect as well. We have nearly all spare parts in stock, which means that the necessary repairs can be performed immediately. Our skilled service technicians receive regular training, which means that their technical knowledge is always up-to-date. In other words, you won't find a better specialist for the maintenance and repairs to your machines. In addition, all technical work can be carried out by us in the workshop or at your location.

Our team is ready to assist, should you encounter a problem or question while using your hose reels, spray pumps, leaf vacuums, pipe rail winch systems and / or battery charging stations. Steenks Service provides the best service for you and your horticultural machines, guaranteed!