Automated Guided Vehicles, or simply AGVs, have become indispensable in many companies where internal transport takes place. AGV electric tow tractors are able to drive completely unmanned. Are you looking for a way to optimize efficiency and flexibility in the greenhouse, warehouse, or distribution center? Then choose the Automated Guided Vehicles at Steenks Service! In our offer, you will find AGV tractors from Berg Hortimotive and Berkvens.

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BeTrac AGVNew
BeTrac AGV


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Towing capacity2500 kg
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Greentrac GT5000 AGVNew
Greentrac GT5000 AGV


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Towing capacity5000 kg
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Automated Guided Vehicles tow tractors

Automated Guided Vehicles are widely used for different purposes. Mainly, an AGV tractor is used to transport materials from one place to another. Moreover, this is done most accurately and effectively. Because the electric tow tractors can drive without a driver (completely autonomously), they are very suitable for, for example, internal transport. If desired, Automated Guided Vehicles can also be driven manually.

Berkvens and Berg Hortimotive Automated Guided Vehicles

The BeTrac AGV from Berg Hortimotive offers the solution if you are looking for a compact and maneuverable AGV tractor. This Automated Guided Vehicle reaches a maximum speed of 10.5 km/h when manually operated and a maximum speed of 3.6 km/h when used automatically. In addition, the BeTrac AGV has a pulling power of 237 kg. When you are looking for an extremely strong AGV tractor, we recommend choosing the Greentrac AGV from Berkvens. With a pulling power of no less than 5,000 kg, this electric tow tractor is very suitable for transporting heavier goods.

The use of Automated Guided Vehicles

Our Automated Guided Vehicles can drive completely autonomously by means of induction technology and milled cables. Does the vehicle encounter obstacles such as carts, boxes, or people along the way? Then these types of obstacles on the road are recognized by a laser scanner, after which the Automated Guided Vehicle will automatically stop. The vehicle will not move on until the obstacle has been removed from the path. This makes AVG tractors a perfect fit into your loading and unloading operations.

Our Automated Guided Vehicles are often used in the following sectors: nurseries, warehouses, distribution centers, and airports.

Purchase Automated Guided Vehicle

Do you also want to take advantage of the benefits that an AGV vehicle has to offer? Then choose a Berkvens or Berg Hortimotive Automated Guided Vehicle at Steenks Service! Would you like more information about this efficient logistics solution first, or would you like advice on which AGV suits your specific situation best? Please feel free to contact us, our professionals will be happy to help you!

Also, when you are looking for customization, we can offer you our help. We are happy to provide your Automated Guided Vehicle with the desired adjustments. Consider, for example, matching the vehicle to your company colors or making mechanical adjustments. Feel free to contact us to discuss the possibilities.

Video: Also take a look at our video of the Berg Hortimotive Betrac AGV tow tractor!

Frequently asked questions

What is an Automated Guided Vehicle?

An Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) is an electrically powered towing vehicle that can transport goods autonomously.

When is an Automated Guided Vehicle used?

An AGV is used for repetitive transport movements that take place at a single location. The transport movement needs to be identical every time.

How can an Automated Guided Vehicle work autonomously?

The AGV knows what route needs to be followed thanks to induction technology and embedded cables. When the vehicle encounters obstacles, a laser scanner will recognise them and the AGV will stop automatically. The vehicle can continue once the obstacle has been moved.