Automated Guided Vehicles, or simply AGVs, have become indispensable for many companies. These AGV tow tractors are well-known for being an effective solution for multiple problems. Take a look at the automated tow tractors below for more information about these machines.

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Betrac AGVNew

Betrac AGV


Article codeTR0000133
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Towing capacity237 kg
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Greentrac GT5000 AGVNew

Greentrac GT5000 AGV


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AGV Tractor

AGV tractors are widely used for different purposes. For example, AGV tractors that can drive fully automated are ideal for internal transport. And if desirable, you can also control them manually.

The use of Automated Guided Vehicles

An Automated Guided Vehicle drives autonomous, using induction technology and milled cables for its guidance. A laser scanner recognizes obstacles on its way. Because of this, these machines are a perfect fit into your loading and unloading operations.

An AGV tow tractor can be used in at least one of the following sectors: farms, warehouses, clearing houses, and airports.

Automated tow tractor for sale

Are you interested in an efficient logistic solution with the help of automated tow tractors? At Steenks Service we offer new and used AGV tractors for sale. Even customizing your automated tow tractor is no problem for us. You can for example ask us to adjust your AGV tractor to match your company colours. Also mechanical alterations are possible!

Maybe you are tied to a fixed budget, but you would very much like to enjoy the benefits of an AGV tow tractor. Because of this we also offer used AGV tractors.

Please feel free tocontact us for more information about AGV tow tractors and to discuss all possibilities.

Video: Also take a look at our video of the Berg Hortimotive Betrac AGV tow tractor!