Over the past years, Steenks Service has specialized in, among other things, supplying reliable closed cabin tow tractors that can be used for any purpose. Because tow tractors do not produce exhaust gases, they are used in many types of industries and companies for various activities. Think, for example, of airports, hospitals, railways, order picking, horticultural companies and flower auctions. In addition, our closed cabin tow tractors can be used for the toughest jobs, thanks to their pulling power of up to 30,000 kg.

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Bull 4 + cabinNew
Bull 4 + cabin


Article codeTR0000143
Selling typeNew
Towing capacity4000 kg
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Bull 2 + cabinNew
Bull 2 + cabin


Article codeTR0000144
Selling typeNew
Towing capacity2000 kg
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Bull 5N Cab electric tractor
Bull 5N Cab electric tractor

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Article codeTR424
Selling typeUsed
Type5N Cab
Towing capacity5000 kg
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Benefits closed cabin tow tractor

A closed cabin tow tractor is ideal for outdoor work activities and provides extra protection and comfort for the driver. Furthermore, the cabin ensures a lower level of noise, so the driver is more able to maintain his concentration during long shifts.

New and used closed cabin tow tractors

At Steenks Service it is possible to trade in or sell used tow tractors. This way we can offer both new and used closed cabin tow tractors from brands such as Spijkstaal and Bull tow tractors. Of course, all used tow tractors are fully overhauled and refurbished by us before we sell them. This way you are assured of a technically perfect working machine at a very attractive price.

Your closed cabin tow tractor

Steenks Service is your supplier when it comes to new and used closed cabin tow tractors. Thanks to many years of experience, we are able to find the perfect machine for every application. Size and pulling power are leading in our advice, which enables us to always offer you the right closed cabin tow tractor. Do you want more information about our machines or do you need advice? Our specialists are happy to help you! Contact us by filling out the online form on our website or call us at phone number +31 (0)174 – 510 266.

Frequently asked questions

When is a tow tractor with cab used?

A tow tractor with cab is used when driving outdoors a lot. The cab helps to keep the driver protected from the weather.

Can I attach a cab to my current tow tractor?

You can attach a cab to a tow tractor loose. It does depend on the type of tractor though, as it’s important that there’s a good fit.