At Steenks Service, we offer a wide range of transport and harvesting trolleys that have been developed by leading brands within the industry. One such example is the strawberry harvesting trolley from Berkvens, which have been specially developed to match the needs and requirements of customers. These strawberry harvesting trolleys are more lightweight and compact and come equipped with a rotary platform. The harvesting trolley is suitable for use on a tube-rail system and makes picking strawberries easier for pickers.

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Strawberry harvesting trolleys an indispensable tool in horticulture

Working in horticulture, you’ll be well aware of how intensive it can be. Thankfully, we have just the solution to help you work more efficiently and take away as much of the strain as possible. The strawberry harvesting trolley from Berkvens is highly agile and easy to maintain. It has been carefully designed to significantly reduce its overall weight, making it easy to use and highly manoeuvrable.

Why you should opt for the strawberry harvesting trolley from Berkvens

In addition to the benefits already mentioned, it’s also a truly unique trolley, with a rotating platform that can be adjusted to different angles. This allows you to walk in front, behind and alongside the trolley so that you can work more efficiently, and thus extends the reach of the harvesting trolley, with ample space for crates of punnets. The harvesting trolley can also be used with smaller track dimensions. It’s a strawberry harvesting trolley that surpasses all expectations.

Steenks Service – your harvesting trolley specialist

As a specialist in horticultural machinery, Steenks Service would be happy to provide you with expert advice. Please get in touch using the contact form or on +31(0) 174 510 266 if you have any questions or can’t find what you’re looking for.

You can also contact us for all maintenance and repair requirements. With some companies, the service you receive ends as soon as you buy – at Steenks Service, we are always here for you. We like to work with you to help ensure the quality of the products we provide. Maintenance and repairs are carried out in our workshop and our engineers have up-to-date knowledge in the field thanks to constant training.

Frequently asked questions

What makes the strawberry harvesting trolley suitable for strawberries?

The harvesting trolley is lightweight and compact in design, thereby making it easy to use. The trolley also has a rotating platform so that work can be carried out from different angles.

Why does a strawberry harvesting trolley have a rotating platform?

A harvesting trolley has a rotating platform so that you can walk in front of, behind and alongside the trolley for easier strawberry harvesting. This means that you do not need to have a pipe rail in every path, as the rotating platform allows you to cover multiple paths.