Worldwide quality service

Steenks Service grew in size because of its specialised selection of professional machines, but also because of its high-quality service. We devote a great deal of attention to keeping this service at a high level. This is not only true for the Netherlands, but also worldwide. Steenks Service's machines, machine parts and services are supplied across the globe, and this certainly requires the necessary attention. As a company we continuously focus on optimising our processes and on providing further training to our personnel. We also have our own parts warehouse, which allows us to deliver worldwide, with the necessary speed. We ensure that the quality remains guaranteed, and that you can fully rely on our worldwide quality service.

All specialist knowledge available in-house

As a specialist in horticultural and industrial machines, we have all knowledge available in-house. This means we can keep the lines short, which leads to considerable improvements in business processes. We maintain control over everything, which results in fast (worldwide) deliveries, repairs, maintenance, advice, training and the possibility for any type of customized work required. Moreover, our services are not location-bound. All activities can be carried out here at our location, at your location in the Netherlands, or anywhere else in the world.

Best service, guaranteed

Do you encounter a problem or question whilst using our machines? Email us or call us. Our team is always ready to assist you. Our approach is solution-oriented and we gladly join you in the thinking process. Steenks Service provides the best service for you and your company, guaranteed!