In the greenhouse industry, breeders have to deal with a lot of leaf and crop remains that pile up around their pipe rail systems. Removing these remains is very important as it prevents diseases and bacteria from spreading. A clean floor also is more reflective, which enhances crops growth. With a leaf vacuum of Steenks Service you do not have to postpone this important but difficult and tedious job any longer. With an leaf vacuum collector, cleaning leaf and crop remains will get done easily and fast!

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Why a leaf vacuum with a petrol engine?

The machines offered by Steenks Service usually are equipped with an electric motor, so why then do we provide leaf vacuums with a petrol engine? That question can be answered very easily: because of its power. A leaf vacuum needs to do a lot of heavy work, and a petrol engine simply generates more suction and processing power to get the job done. Another advantage of a petrol engine is that the leaf vacuum can be used for a longer period of time. In short, with a leaf vacuum equipped with a petrol engine, you get the maximum result in terms of speed, efficiency and power.

A leaf vacuum to your liking

The Verhagen leaf vacuum collector of Steenks Service is equipped with a shredding mechanism to grind the sucked-up leaf and crop remains. Also, our leaf vacuums come with water spray tanks to prevent fine dust from spreading. As an option, our leaf vacuums can be installed with hydraulic brushes that help to sweep the remains together. Another option that can be installed, is a hydraulic driving unit that enables the vacuum to move forward on a pipe rail system. Moreover, the containers that store the remains that are processed by the leaf vacuum, can be delivered in various types and sizes. And, even the leaf vacuum itself is available for all pipe and rail sizes, so you can configure your leaf vacuum just the way you want it!

Trade in or sell your old leaf vacuum

Are you already using a leaf vacuum, but do you need a new one or do you want to sell your old one? Feel free to contact us. At Steenks Service it is possible to trade in your old leaf vacuum or to sell your old vacuum. If you have any questions regarding our vacuums or need any help purchasing one, our specialists are happy to help you.

Frequently asked questions

What is a leaf vacuum?

A leaf vacuum is used in greenhouses to remove plant remnants from the ground.

When is a leaf vacuum used?

A leaf vacuum is used during greenhouse cleaning work, typically during crop changes or when plants are dormant.

How does a leaf vacuum work?

A leaf vacuum is powered by a petrol engine on account of the power that is required. The motor propels a fan that draws in the leaves and plant remnants. These are shredded by the fan and make their way into a container. This container can be easily emptied into a larger container for disposal.