In horticulture, good hygiene is of great importance to prevent bacteria, diseases, and viruses in the greenhouse. Once a disease or pest is present, it will spread quickly and cause major damage to the crop. Clearing the crop is often the only solution. Because this cost a lot of money, and because it is a time-consuming job, it is essential to take hygienic measures that reduce the risk of contamination of the crop. A hygiene station (also called a disinfection gate) offers the solution. For many horticultural companies, the hygiene station is an indispensable device and one of the most important tools for keeping diseases and bacteria out.

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A disinfection gate is an indispensable part of horticulture

When it comes to hygiene within horticulture, a disinfection gate is no less than a ‘must have’ and is designed to protect the production process from pathogens. In many cases, the disinfection gate is sited at the entrance to the greenhouse to ensure that everyone satisfies the hygiene requirements as soon as they enter the greenhouse. Employees disinfecting their hands and shoes at the point of entry helps to keep pathogens out. A disinfection gate is thus a sustainable investment, and contributes to the safety of your crops.

How a disinfection gate works

A disinfection gate helps to minimise the risk of diseases and bacteria being carried into the greenhouse. If they do manage to penetrate the greenhouse, further contamination can be prevented by fitting a sanitiser bin to your pipe rail trolley. This allows employees to disinfect their hands again when inside.

Disinfection gate for your horticultural business at Steenks Service

Are you involved in horticulture? If so, a disinfection gate can help to ensure that your crops do not get damaged by mould or bacteria. A disinfection gate is also a must for businesses that produce food. Are you considering purchasing a disinfection gate? Then Steenks Service is the right place for you. We can supply a disinfection gate in any RAL colour of your choosing, and install it on site. You can also contact us for disinfectants and periodic servicing.

Still have questions or need additional advice about disinfection gates? Please get in touch! You can contact us by phone on +31(0) 174 510 266 or by e-mail at We will endeavour to get back to you as quickly as possible. You can also request a no-obligation quote!

Frequently asked questions

What is a hygiene station?

A hygiene station is a device used to disinfect the hands and feet. It is usually placed at the entrance. The station is used as a preventive aid to keep as many diseases and pests out as possible. The station is used to clean the hands and feet with disinfectant.

How does a hygiene station work?

A hygiene station has a turnstile that can only rotate when the two buttons in the disinfection tray are pressed. Doing this cleans the hands. At the bottom of the station is a mat that automatically tops the disinfectant up to the desired level to disinfect footwear as you walk through the turnstile.