In horticulture, good hygiene is of great importance to prevent bacteria, diseases, and viruses in the greenhouse. Once a disease or pest is present, it will spread quickly and cause major damage to the crop. Clearing the crop is often the only solution. Because this cost a lot of money, and because it is a time-consuming job, it is essential to take hygienic measures that reduce the risk of contamination of the crop. A hygiene station (also called a disinfection gate) offers the solution. For many horticultural companies, the hygiene station is an indispensable device and one of the most important tools for keeping diseases and bacteria out.

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What is a hygiene station?

A hygiene station is an important tool that takes hygiene to a higher level. The hygiene station prevents visitors and employees from bringing bacteria and diseases from outside into the greenhouse. The risk of entry of micro-organisms is greatest when entering a company. A hygiene station is therefore located at the entrance of the greenhouse and is used to properly clean and disinfect the hands and shoes of employees and visitors.

How does a hygiene station work?

The hygiene station consists of a turnstile, a foot tray with a running mat, and a tray for cleaning hands. Both the foot tray and the hand tray are filled with disinfectant. Access to the greenhouse is only granted when a person has walked through the foot tray and presses the release buttons on the bottom of the hand tray with both hands at the same time. With the disinfection gate, you are therefore assured that everyone who enters your greenhouse has clean shoes and hands. This reduces the chance that diseases and bacteria will be brought into the greenhouse.

Order your hygiene station at Steenks Service

Steenks Service has been a reliable partner for companies in horticulture and industry for many years. Especially at companies that produce food, a hygiene station is an absolute must. Are you interested in purchasing a disinfection gate? Or would you like more information or advice? Feel free to email or call us, we are happy to think along with you! In addition, we can install your disinfection gate at your company location if desired and also deliver it in any RAL color. Steenks Service also is the right place for disinfectants and periodic maintenance. Request an obligation-free quote today.