Hygiene is a very important factor for horticulturists that want to prevent diseases in their greenhouses. When a disease has entered the greenhouse, it normally spreads really quickly and the only way to stop the disease is to destroy the crops. Because destroying crops is a huge financial setback, preventing diseases is an important part of greenhouse management. A hygiene station at the entrance of the greenhouse is one way to prevent diseases from entering through employees and visitors.

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How to use a hygiene station

A hygiene station is placed at the entrance of the greenhouse in a way that no one can enter the greenhouse without passing through the hygiene station (a hygiene lock). The station consists of a gate, a walk-over surface with disinfectant for cleaning soles, and a disinfectant filled tray for cleaning hands. The gate only opens when someone presses two buttons (with both hands) on the bottom of the disinfectant filled tray. This ensures that no one enters the greenhouse with dirty hands and/or soles. This way, the risk that visitors or employees take a disease with them to the greenhouse is severely reduced.

Order your hygiene station at Steenks Service

As reliable supplier of equipment for horticulturists, Steenks Service can provide you with a top of the line hygiene station. We can supply your hygiene station in every possible RAL-color and our mechanics can install the station at your location. We can even supply you with disinfectant and periodic maintenance. Feel free to contact us for more information.