Cleaning machines are ideal for fast and thorough cleaning of areas that are used intensively (and for keeping these areas clean). Whether it involves a factory building, packaging hall or business premises such as a super market where many consumers come and go - hygiene is extremely important for employees and clients. This is true, not only in terms of health, but a cleaning machine is also ideal if you want your business premises to look fresh.

Purchase, exchange or rent cleaning machines

At Steenks Service you can purchase or rent new or used cleaning machines, which can be used immediately and effectively for all dry and wet cleaning tasks. Even fine dust is no match for our sweepers with their combined large filter surface area and filter-beating system which works perfectly. You can thus sweep without problems or dust, guaranteed.

Whether you are looking for a sweeper, scrubbing machine, brush machine, wet vacuum cleaner, multi-purpose machine, or if you simply need detergents, with our large selection of cleaning machines and accompanying products, we are able to meet any need.

New and used cleaning machines

Most popular brands

Cleaning machines for any job

The cleaning machines of Steenks Service are used in a large number of sectors. Fast and effective cleaning is best, since you don't want cleaning to hamper the activities of your company. Various companies are already benefiting from this.

Our cleaning machines are used for the following purposes, amongst others:

  • for business premises;
  • in nurseries;
  • at packaging companies;
  • in the hotel and catering industry;
  • in warehouses;
  • at airports;
  • at flower and vegetable auctions;
  • at food processing companies;
  • in super markets;
  • at garages;
  • by suppliers for processing services and machinery contractors;
  • in parking garages;
  • in trading firms;
  • by agriculturists;
  • in the maritime industry;
  • by transport and storage companies.

Types of cleaning machines

Each client has its own list of requirements, which is why we have different types of cleaning machines in our assortment. A suitable quality machine is available for each cleaning task.

Our assortment of cleaning machines consists of:

  • sweep / suction machines (sweepers);
  • sweep / suction machines especially for use on root-proof fabric;
  • scrub / suction machines (scrubbing machines);
  • industrial wet / dry vacuum cleaners (wet / dry vacuum cleaners).

Sweep / suction machines

From the selection of sweep / suction machines, one can choose from walk behind machines or ride-on machines, and sweeping widths ranging from 65 cm to even 170 cm. The cleaning capacity of these sweepers can therefore increase to an impressive 13,600 square metres per hour. Your business premises will be clean again in less than no time, and even the smallest corners are no problem for this type of cleaning machine. The sweepers are available in electric, petrol and diesel models, including full hydraulic drive. The machines are also available with a high unloading system.

Sweep / suction machines for root-proof fabric;

Especially for the horticultural industry, Steenks Service also supplies sweep / suction machines that are suitable for use on cultivation floors and floors in ebb and flow systems. The extra wide wheels of these sweepers means they leave no tracks on the root-proof fabric and one can easily sweep soft substrate surfaces. This type of cleaning machine is also available in a walk behind or ride-on model, and one can choose between an electric or fuel engine.

Scrub / suction machines

The scrub / suction machines of Steenks Service are ideal when one wants to achieve a more intensive cleaning result for your floor surfaces. The clean water tank is filled with water in combination with a detergent, for cleaning floors, or with a disinfectant, for disinfecting floors (as indicated in the hygiene rules). After use on the floor, the dirty water is sucked up again and deposited in the dirty water tank. Small sanitary spaces (such as toilets), as well as large surfaces, can be cleaned thoroughly with this type of cleaning machine, with a scrubbing width ranging from 35 cm to 100 cm. The scrubbing machines are available in walk behind or ride-on models. In addition, one can choose from different brush types, so that a fitting solution can be found for each type of floor.

Industrial wet / dry vacuum cleaners

For the smaller cleaning tasks, our assortment of cleaning machines also offers professional wet / dry vacuum cleaners. In popular speech, these machines are also simply called industrial wet vacuum cleaners. These wet / dry vacuum cleaners can be used for wet or dry vacuum tasks, and are comfortable and fast to use, due to the practical size. For a guaranteed high suction capacity, the wet vacuum cleaners of Steenks Service are available in models with multiple motors and dust filters that are easy to clean. With these practical cleaning machines, water and dust can be sucked up in a jiffy.


Apart from cleaning machines, Steenks Service also supplies the accompanying detergents. Each detergent has its own specific use. One can thus choose detergents for cleaning floors or for removal of plant growth, and our assortment also includes disinfecting products for disinfecting as per the hygiene rules. These detergents can be added to the scrubbing machine's clean water tank, but can also be used manually for cleaning tasks. Manual cleaning can be combined, for example, with our Perras pressure set with atomiser head.

Used cleaning machine

Used cleaning machines can be exchanged at Steenks Service, or can be sold to us. This means that we create a great selection of used cleaning machines for companies who prefer used machines, whilst you also enjoy an attractive purchase price for the new cleaning machine of your choice.

The used cleaning machines are only offered for sale once they have undergone a full technical overhaul and visual revival. Traction batteries are replaced or tested, for example. Moreover, all used cleaning machines are sold with a warranty, which means you can always be sure of a machine that works like new.

Delivered in a fully operational state

All new and used cleaning machines are delivered in a fully operational state, as a standard feature, with instructions and even a demo. After delivery you can immediately start the major cleaning, whilst enjoying all the advantages of our machines. You only truly know what you have missed once you use one of our machines!

The best service, guaranteed

With the sale of a cleaning machine we don't just focus on the product, but also on the service. Here at Steenks Service we realise that this service is invaluable. We are therefore also proud of the quality service offered by our company.

Apart from sincere employees who gladly assist you in your search for a cleaning machine (one that will work for your specific company), Steenks Service also has professionals working at its workshop. These specialists receive regular training, which means their knowledge remains up-to-date. Our service technicians are extremely well suited for the repair and maintenance activities to your cleaning machines; these activities can be performed on location or in our workshop. Since we import everything ourselves, we also have all parts available in stock. Repairs and maintenance can therefore be performed in a jiffy.

Our team is ready to assist, should you encounter a problem or question while using your cleaning machine. Steenks Service provides the best service for you and your cleaning machine, guaranteed!

Frequently asked questions

What is a cleaning machine?

A cleaning machine can clean up areas thoroughly and fast.

What types of cleaning machines are there?

There are sweeping machines, floor scrubbers and wet and dry vacuum cleaners.

What is the difference between a sweeping machine and a floor scrubber?

Sweeping machines can sweep and vacuum floors to remove dust and particulate matter. Floor scrubbers are doing the same, but they combine this with water or detergent.

What is the difference between a sit-on machine or a walk-after machine for cleaning?

A sit-on machine is suited for large areas. A walk-after machine is suited for smaller areas.

What are the advantages of a cleaning machine?

Cleaning machines can clean and purify areas. This is in line with the hygiene rules and gives a good appearance.

Is there a machine to clean cultivationfloors?

Yes, a cultivation floor with anti-root cloth can be cleaned with a machine. Therefore you need a Stefix 135 or Stefix 73. These are specially designed for this job and won’t damage your floor.