Steenks Service has a wide variety of innovative horticultural machinery. We are constantly developing machines that make your work easier and save you money. For example, we have developed our tomato hook winding machine and string machine especially for vegetable cultivation. These machines are in great demand among vegetable growers internationally, because they save time and simplify work.

We offer both new and used tomato hook winding machines and string machines at Steenks Service. In addition, we can supply all related products such as tomato hooks in different sizes and various types of rope.

Hook winding machine

Tomato hook winding machine

Tomato hook winding machines have been developed especially for tomato cultivation. The machine automatically wraps the tomato hooks and these hooks can even be reused. The great advantage of this is that you no longer have to wrap them manually or depend on the delivery of a supplier.

The tomato hook winding machine is available in 2 different variants. For the first, you can choose the mobile 24-volt model. This machine has a winding capacity of 250 tomato hooks per hour. For the second, you can choose the "large" 230-volt version. The latter is a fixed setup and has a winding capacity of 600 hooks per hour. This one is also available in a 110-volt version for international use.

Tomato hook with or without free fall

The goal of a tomato hook with free fall, is to connect the string from the hook to the tomato plants in a fast and effective manner. You are able to suspend the tomato hook immediately and the free fall string (with the right length) can be used immediately without the need to first unwind the string manually. This results in a considerable gain in time. The 24 volt and 230 volt tomato hook winders of Steenks Service are both able to wind hooks with free fall. For this purpose, one can use special tomato hooks with an extra setting. However, if you are still working with single tomato hooks, then you can, with the use of our clips, still use these for free fall.

Delivered in a fully operational state

At Steenks Service we always deliver our tomato hook winding machines to you in operational condition. If you prefer, you will get a clear explanation and demonstration from our employees during the delivery of your machine. This way it is immediately clear to you how your new machine operates. You can instantly enjoy all the advantages that our hook winding machines can offer you and your company.

Steenks Service guarantees the best service

We only have specialists working in our workshop providing technical support and maintenance. Steenks Service manufactures all tomato hook winding machines themselves and therefore our employees have the best knowledge of our machines. In addition, we have all the parts in-house, which guarantees us that we can be of immediate service if a problem occurs. Steenks Service is committed to providing the best service for you and your horticultural machinery! If you have any questions about our machines, please do not hesitate to contact us. We can also be contacted by calling +31(0) 174 510 266.

Frequently asked questions

What is a hook winding machine?

A hook winding machine can wind tomato hooks. The machine can be installed on the pipe rail trolley or at a fixed place.

How many hooks can a hook winding machine wind?

The 220 volt hook winder can wind up to 600 hooks per hour (of 22 cm). The 24 volt hook winder can wind up to 250 hooks per hour (of 18 or 22 cm).

What are the advantages of a hook winding machine?

A hook winding machine can wind up hooks. Therefore you are not dependent from a supplier. Besides that you can reuse your hooks.