Steenks Service supplies a large variety of innovative horticultural machines. To save money and to make tasks easier, we developed the hook winding machine and string machines especially for the vegetable cultivation industry. These time-saving machines are also a relief for vegetable growers, and are therefore extremely popular internationally. Our selection offers new or used tomato hook winders and string machines. Furthermore, we also supply the accompanying products, such as tomato hooks in different sizes (with or without free fall), as well as various types of string.

Hook winding machine

Tomato hook winding machine

Tomato hook winders were developed for the tomato cultivation industry and are intended for the winding of tomato hooks. This means that the tomato hooks can be reused, and you are not reliant on manual winding or on having stock supplied in a pre-wound fashion from the supplier. The tomato hook winding machine is available in 2 models, namely a mobile 24 volt and a 'large' 220 volt model as a stationary setup.

24 volt hook winder

The practical 24 volt tomato hook winding machine is supplied with 1 hook holder and can easily be mounted to a pipe rail trolley. The hook winder is connected to the battery and can therefore be operated next to the crops. Once the required length of the first wind-task (and possibly also the free fall) has been digitally set, the tomato hook is wound on the spot and the crop line can be suspended immediately. The 24 volt tomato hook winder has a winding capacity of 250 tomato hooks (of 18 or 22 cm) per hour, with an example being an 8 metre string on the first wind-task and 3 metre free fall string. The hook winder is entirely maintenance-free.

220 volt hook winder

The 220 volt tomato hook winding machine is the right machine for the large task at hand. With a total of 6 hook holders, 2 string counters and a total counter, tomato hooks are wound fast and at a fixed location. The machine is able to wind various types of string. The required length of the first wind-task and that of the free fall can be set digitally. The 220 volt tomato hook winder has a winding capacity of 600 tomato hooks (of 22 cm) per hour, with an example being an 11 metre string on the first wind-task and 3 metre free fall string. The 220 volt hook winding machine is also entirely maintenance-free. A special transport crate has been developed for export purposes; for shipping of the machine. The 220 volt tomato hook winder is also available in a 110 volt model for international use.

Tomato hook with or without free fall

The goal of a tomato hook with free fall, is to connect the string from the hook to the tomato plants in a fast and effective manner. You are able to suspend the tomato hook immediately and the free fall string (with the right length) can be used immediately without the need to first unwind the string manually. This results in a considerable gain in time. The 24 volt and 220 volt tomato hook winders of Steenks Service are both able to wind hooks with free fall. For this purpose, one can use special tomato hooks with an extra setting. However, if you are still working with single tomato hooks, then you can, with the use of our clips, still use these for free fall.

Delivered in a fully operational state

Our tomato hook winders are delivered in a fully operational state. If needed, you will be given clear instructions or demonstration by our employees, upon delivery, so you can use your new machine immediately. You can immediately enjoy all advantages that our hook winders have to offer you and your company.

The best service, guaranteed

We attach considerable value to client-oriented service and so do our clients. We constantly work on improving our service and are extremely proud of the quality service offered by our team. You will always be assisted by a skilled professional, who gives you the right advice. For technical support and maintenance you can rely on our workshop specialists. All hook winders are manufactured entirely by Steenks Service, which means that nobody understands them better than us. This in-house manufacturing means we have all the parts in stock, and can assist you immediately in the event of unhoped for repairs. Our team is ready to assist, should you encounter a problem or question while using your tomato hook winding machines. Steenks Service provides the best service for you and your horticultural machines, guaranteed! Frequently asked questions

What is a hook winding machine?

A hook winding machine can wind tomato hooks. The machine can be installed on the pipe rail trolley or at a fixed place.

How many hooks can a hook winding machine wind?

The 220 volt hook winder can wind up to 600 hooks per hour (of 22 cm). The 24 volt hook winder can wind up to 250 hooks per hour (of 18 or 22 cm).

What are the advantages of a hook winding machine?

A hook winding machine can wind up hooks. Therefore you are not dependent from a supplier. Besides that you can reuse your hooks.