Do you have a temporary assignment for which you like to use an extra pipe rail trolley? Renting a pipe rail trolley is an ideal solution when you don’t need a pipe rail trolley year round. Our rental machines are also very suitable to help you temporary expand your fleet of pipe rail trolleys during peak periods.

Pipe rail trolley rental

Pipe rail trolleys are very versatile tools that can be used on numerous occasions. Furthermore, we have rental machines available in our inventory for any track size and height. Feel free to inquire if we have a machine available that fits your specific needs.

If you decide to rent a pipe rail trolley at Steenks Service, we can assure you that the machine will be in perfect working order. No matter if you want to rent for a shorter or longer period of time. Every pipe rail trolley comes equipped with a suitable battery charger and, if needed, we can deliver the rental pipe rail trolley at your doorstep. For your reassurance, liability insurance covers every rental machine supplied by Steenks Service.

Hire a pipe rail trolley for…

Our pipe rail trolleys are suitable for many activities. For instance, you think of the following applications:

  • To help you out during peak periods
  • When you are a subcontractor
  • While building a new greenhouse
  • During maintenance of a greenhouse
  • While replacing greenhouse blinds
  • While replacing drive components in greenhouses
  • While repairing storm damages
  • While installing various installations in greenhouses

Rent your pipe rail trolley

Do you want to use our pipe rail trolley rental service? Call us on telephone number +31(0) 174 510 266 or send us your inquiry using our online contact form.

Rather buy a pipe rail trolley?

You are also more than welcome to buy a new or used pipe rail trolley at Steenks Service. We can even customize your machine, so it will suit your needs perfectly. Below you will find all categories of pipe rail trolleys that we have for sale.

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Frequently asked questions

Is it possible to hire a pipe-rail trolley?

Steenks Service offers pipe-rail trolleys for hire for longer or shorter periods.

What are the benefits of hiring a pipe-rail trolley?

A pipe-rail trolley can be hired to cover peak pressure or for projects so that you do not need to invest in a new model. In addition, we also carry out all service and maintenance during the hiring period. The trolley that you hire will also undergo a technical inspection and will be cleaned beforehand, so that you can start using it immediately.