Created in our own production facility, Steenks Service offers pipe hoists that are specifically designed for hoisting the pipes of a pipe rail systems. Without disassembling the entire pipe rail system, even a single person is able to efficiently create workspace in the greenhouse. Combined, multiple pipe hoists can be operated together, using just one button. Every nine metres the pipes of the pipe rail system can be hung with the help of bacon hooks. This way, our pipe hoists are the perfect solution for whenever you have to replace ground cover, during the process of corrugation, and prior to milling activities.

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Money and time saving

Using our pipe hoists will save you a lot of time and money. This is because the hoists can be operated by a single person, and you do not need to disassemble, and successively assemble, the pipe rail system anymore. With the use of Steenks Service pipe hoists, you can lift and hang up no less than 6,000 metres of pipe in a period of just eight hours. So in short, you get a lot of work done in a small amount of time!

New and used pipe hoists

At Steenks Service we are almost always able to deliver new pipe hoists directly out of stock. Furthermore, we offer pipe rail hooks in every size, so the hoists can be used for every type of pipe rail system. Regularly, our offer also contains used pipe hoists. Of course, all used pipe hoists are checked thoroughly and repaired when necessary before they are put up for sale. As such, used pipe hoist of Steenks Service are as reliable as the ones that are new!

Feel free to contact Steenks Service if you have any questions regarding to the use of pipe hoists, or how they can be used within your organization. Our specialists are looking forward to assist you!

Frequently asked questions

When is a pipe hoist used?

A pipe hoist is used to raise the pipe-rail system so that the ground underneath can be worked, or to replace the ground cover/plastic.

How does a pipe hoist work?

You need butcher hooks to work with a pipe hoist – these should be suspended from the greenhouse frame. The pipe rail is then raised with the pipe hoist so that it can be secured to the hooks. When raising the pipe rail, it is important to work in one direction so that the pipe-rail system can be suspended neatly from the hooks.