PP strapping band, or polypropylene band, is a material made from a thermoplastic polymer known as polypropylene. It can be used as strapping band and compared to other materials, is relatively inexpensive. PP band is the more cost-effective variant of the newer PET band – polyethylene terephthalate, which is a thermoplastic polyester. Polypropylene is a plastic strapping material, officially known today as ‘polypropyene’, but still commonly referred to by its old name.

Using polypropylene strapping band

PP strapping band is ideal for use as strapping band for strapping lightweight and medium-weight goods so that they can be transported safely. The band has high elasticity, low tension loss and favourable tensile strength. In addition, PP band is also an appealing option when it comes to price, and is more cost effective than other strapping materials. This explains why PP band is the most commonly used strapping material in the world of packaging and transport. Our PP band is lightweight, easy to use and can be processed manually or mechanically in horizontal and vertical strapping machines.

Differences between PP and PET band

Another option alongside PP strapping band is PET strapping band. PET band is a later development and is of higher quality than PP band. PET band is stronger and more suitable for heavier goods, and this is reflected in the price of PET band. In most cases, PP band is sufficient for strapping.

Recycling strapping band

Like PET, polypropylene band is suitable for recycling after use. Both PP and PET band are made of plastic, which makes them recyclable. Strapping is thus a more sustainable way to transport goods than wrapping the entire load in plastic.

High-quality strapping band

For your strapping machine to operate correctly, it’s important that you choose the right quality of strapping band. Low-quality PP band can cause the strapping band to tear in use. Low quality can also cause major deformation, preventing the band from being pulled tight. Finally, poor-quality band can also cause the binding head to become dirty, causing the machine’s performance to degrade over time. At Steenks Service, we only supply high-quality PP strapping band and with enough length on the roll that you can continue strapping for as long as possible.

Purchasing PP strapping band from Steenks Service

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