Strapping band is used to strengthen and stabilize pallet loads, boxes, and other packages. The strap is wrapped around the packages, ensuring that your load is firm and stable. Do you want to strap fast and efficient? Then our strapping bands, in combination with our strapping machines, offer the solution! At Steenks Service we sell strapping band per roll, or per pallet. You can choose for polypropylene strapping band, and for polyester strapping band.

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Polypropylene strap black 12x0.63New

Polypropylene strap black 12x0.63


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Polypropylene strap black 12x0.75New

Polypropylene strap black 12x0.75


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Polyester strap green 11x0.50New

Polyester strap green 11x0.50


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PP strapping band

Polypropylene (PP) strapping band is most suitable for stabilizing and securing light to medium pallet loads, boxes, and other shipping products. Polypropylene band is elastic, light, and flexible, making it ideal for transportation. In addition, shocks are absorbed during transport.

PP strapping band is easy to secure with the help of our strapping machines, but can also be processed easily and safely by hand. This is possible by using special seals or buckles, and tensioning it with a tensioner. Steenks Service supplies polypropylene strapping band with a strap length of 2,300 or 3,000 meters per roll.

Polyester strapping band

Polyester (PET) strapping band is suitable for strapping machines that are used for strapping heavy shipments, and securing heavy loads. Polyester band is weather-resistant, wear-resistant, has a low elastic capacity, and is light and flexible in use. Compared to PP strapping band, polyester band is stronger and has less stretch.

PET strapping band is very suitable as a replacement for steel strap, making it ideal when packaged products have to be stored outside for a longer period of time. We supply polyester strapping band with a strap length of 4,100 meters per roll, and in a green color.

Strap shredder

For the efficient and fast processing of the remains of the strapping bands, we also offer strap shredders. These machines cut strapping band residues into small shreds, so that they do not take up excess space in the waste bin.

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Steenks Service has been a reliable specialist in tools for growers for years. High quality service is very important to us. Where necessary, we are happy to help you find the most suitable strapping solution for your company. Do you have any questions, or would you like to know more about our strapping bands? Feel free to contact us!