Do you want a worry-free transport of your (stacked) goods and/or are you looking for the best way to package your product? Then strapping machines are the solution. For quick and easy horizontal and vertical strapping of your products, you can buy or rent new and used strapping machines at Steenks Service. We supply strapping machines of the leading brand Reisopack, for which we have our own distributor.

Strapping machines at Steenks Service

The varied range of modern strapping machines offers you the options of both fixed and mobile strapping machines, semi-automatic and fully automatic machines, mobile banding machines, binding machines with or without corner applicators and even the possibility of having strapping machines manufactured entirely to your specifications. If desired, the strapping machines can be placed in a fully automatic line. In short, with us you will always find the desired strapping machine for your business!


New and used strapping machines

Our flagship brand for strapping machines

Strapping machines are multi-purpose

The strapping machines at Steenks Service can be used in all industries. Our multi-purpose machines can be found at many companies for both horizontal and vertical strapping of pallets, crates, barrels, bags, boxes and so on.

Strapping machines are used for the following purposes:

  • pallets carrying tomatoes, sweet peppers, cucumbers, eggplants, mushrooms, citrus fruit and other vegetables;
  • boxes of chips, wraps, tacos, French fries, etc.;
  • rock wool slabs;
  • strapping of pallets carrying bricks;
  • sealing of flower boxes (for export);
  • sealing of crates;
  • binding of wooden sheets, slats or poles;
  • products in the meat and fish industry;
  • frozen products at cold storage locations and freezer warehouses;
  • dairy products;
  • strapping activities in textile factories;
  • binding activities in paper or cardboard processing companies;
  • binding of products in beverage / soft drink factories;
  • strapping of 200 liter barrels on a pallet.

Used strapping machines

Steenks Service not only sells new strapping machines, but you can also trade in or sell your used machine to us. As a result, we have a wide range of used strapping machines for companies that prefer to buy a used packaging machine. Used strapping machines are first completely reconditioned and optically refurbished by us before we sell them again at attractive prices. As with the new strapping machines, you can rely on our quality service with the used machines. All used strapping machines are in perfect technical condition and are sold with a warranty included.

Ready to use strapping machine

The new and used strapping machines of Steenks Service are always delivered to you in a fully operational state, including instructions and installation. Because of this you never have any delay and you can start working immediately. Because of the ready-to-use delivery of the strapping machines, you will never be in for unpleasant surprises. We will gladly assist you and ensure that everything is ready for use. If you have any questions please call us at +31(0) 174 510 266 or send an email to

Frequently asked questions

What is a strapping machine

A strapping machine can strap products vertically and horizontally.

What types of strapping machine are there?

There are fully automatic and semi-automatic strapping machines. They can strap products vertically or horizontally.

Where can a strapping machine be used for?

A strapping machine can be used for strapping pallets, chests, boxes and barrels. It can be used in different industries.

What are the advantages of a strapping machine?

The advantage of a strapping machine (combined with pallet corners) is that products are strapped tight. Because of that the products stand firmly on the pallet.

Can I recycle strapping band?

Strapping residues can be shredded with a strap shredder. This saves space in the dustbin. Besides that the residues can be recycled.

What kind of strapping band do I need to use?

Strapping machines need to have the right quality of strapping band. Your strapping machine can be damaged when you use the wrong type of strapping band.