When you are looking for a carefree way of transporting your (stacked) goods and / or when you want to package your products in the best possible way, our strapping machines offer the solution! At Steenks Service we offer new and used strapping machines with which you can easy strap your products with, both horizontally and vertically. Besides purchasing a binding machine, we also offer the possibility to rent a strapping machine. We supply these machines from the leading name Reisopack, among others, for which we have our own importership.

Our large selection of modern strapping machines allows you to choose between different types of machines. In our offer you will find stationary and mobile packaging machines, banding machines on wheels, semi-automatic and fully automatic strapping machines and binding equipment with or without corner applicator machine. It is even possible to have binding machines manufactured entirely according to your needs, and if necessary, placed in a fully automatic production line. In short, at Steenks Service you will always find the right strapping machine for your company!


New and used strapping machines

Our flagship brand for strapping machines

Strapping machines are multi-purpose

Our strapping machines can be used in all sectors. The multi-purpose machines are therefore used in a large number of companies for the horizontal and vertical strapping of, for example, bags, pallets, crates, boxes and barrels (with or without corner applicators).

Strapping machines are used for the following purposes, amongst other things:

  • pallets carrying tomatoes, sweet peppers, cucumbers, aubergines, mushrooms, citrus fruit and other vegetables;
  • boxes of chips, wraps, tacos, French fries, etc.;
  • rock wool slabs;
  • strapping of pallets carrying bricks;
  • sealing of flower boxes (for export);
  • sealing of crates;
  • binding of wooden sheets, slats or poles;
  • products in the meat and fish industry;
  • frozen products at cold storage locations and freezer warehouses;
  • dairy products;
  • strapping activities in textile factories;
  • binding activities in paper or cardboard processing companies;
  • binding of products in beverage / soft drink factories;
  • strapping of 200 litre barrels on a pallet.

You can use our strapping machines for the packaging needs in each sector.

Used machines

Steenks Service sells new strapping machines, but because it is possible to exchange your used binding machine with us or sell it to us, we also have an extensive assortment of second-hand strapping machines. This is ideal for companies who prefer to purchase used packaging machines.

The second-hand strapping machines first undergo a full overhaul and visual revival, before we put them up for sale again at attractive prices. As with new binding machines, you can also count on our quality service for the purchase of second-hand binding machines. These machines are all in perfect technical condition, and are sold with a warranty.

Strapping machine and corner applicators

Naturally, we also supply the accompanying materials for strapping machines, such as strap and cardboard corner applicators. Corner applicators are sold in all colours, sizes, lengths, gauges and quantities. Everything entirely according to the client's needs.

At Steenks Service, straps are sold by the roll or per pallet, in which case one can choose from two materials: polypropylene and polyester.

Polypropylene straps

Polypropylene straps are used by strapping machines for light to medium-weight packaging applications. The straps are supplied in a strap length of 2,300 or 3,000 metres per roll (depending on the choice).

Polyester straps

Polyester straps are perfect for large and heavy-weight packaging applications. They can replace a steel strap without any problems, making them ideal when the packaged products are stored outside for extended periods of time. Polyester straps are supplied in a strap length of 4,100 meters per roll, and are recognizable from the green colour.

To summarise, polyester straps offer the following advantages, compared to polypropylene:

  • they are stronger;
  • they are non-elastic;
  • more metres per roll.

Strap shredder

In addition to strapping machines, we also sell strap shredders which you use to process all your strap residue, in a fast and efficient manner. The strap residue length can cause dustbins to fill really fast, and the straps can stick out on all sides. With the strap shredder, the strap residue is shredded into smaller pieces, which means that it won't take up excessive space in the dustbin. Moreover, the residual product can also be recycled and is worth money as a clean raw material. The strap shredder can easily be moved to, and positioned over a dustbin, and is incredibly user-friendly.

Your strapping machine delivered in a fully operational state

The new and second-hand strapping machines from Steenks Service are supplied by us in a fully operational state, with the necessary instruction, and are commissioned for use. This means you are not delayed, but can continue your work immediately. The fact that the strapping machine is delivered ready-for-use means you will never encounter unpleasant surprises. We join you in the thinking process and ensure that everything is ready for use.

The best service, guaranteed

The quality of our service is extremely important to the team at Steenks Service. We are focussed on honest advice and eagerly join you in the thinking process when you are looking for the best strapping machine for your company.

Besides our sales service, we also gladly provide the best possible advice and assistance for all maintenance and repair activities to your strapping machine. The large international demand for our binding machines means that a considerable amount of installations and services are carried out abroad (across the globe). All necessary activities are therefore performed by professionals on location at the client, or in our own workshop. Our service technicians receive regular training to ensure that their knowledge remains up-to-date. This level of specialisation also means that the service technicians will be able to answer all your questions in relation to the strapping machines. We can therefore also say that our specialisation is unique, certainly in terms of Reisopack machines.

Our team is ready to assist, should you encounter a problem or question while using your strapping machine. You can also order loose parts for your machines from us. Steenks Service provides the best service for you and your strapping machine, guaranteed!

Frequently asked questions

What is a strapping machine

A strapping machine can strap products vertically and horizontally.

What types of strapping machine are there?

There are fully automatic and semi-automatic strapping machines. They can strap products vertically or horizontally.

Where can a strapping machine be used for?

A strapping machine can be used for strapping pallets, chests, boxes and barrels. It can be used in different industries.

What are the advantages of a strapping machine?

The advantage of a strapping machine (combined with pallet corners) is that products are strapped tight. Because of that the products stand firmly on the pallet.

Can I recycle strapping band?

Strapping residues can be shredded with a strap shredder. This saves space in the dustbin. Besides that the residues can be recycled.

What kind of strapping band do I need to use?

Strapping machines need to have the right quality of strapping band. Your strapping machine can be damaged when you use the wrong type of strapping band.