A large number of growers use anti-root cloth or foil to cover their cultivation floors. This anti-root cloth (also known as ground cover) prevents the roots of your crops from growing into the soil, while at the same time preventing weeds from growing in between your crops. Due to the fact that ground cover is very though, it usually can be used for multiple seasons. And, if you use your anti-root cloth or grond cover for multiple seasons, of course it is very important to clean it thoroughly at every crop rotation. By properly cleaning the foil covering your cultivation floor, you prevent your crops from getting infected by diseases and plagues.

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Ground cover floor sweeper Stefix 73New

Ground cover floor sweeper Stefix 73

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Ground cover floor sweeper Stefix 135New

Ground cover floor sweeper Stefix 135


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Cleaning soft and unequal cultivation floors

Steenks Service can help you with mechanically cleaning anti-root cloth and other soft and unequal cultivation floors. If you, for instance, applied a modern floor like ErfGoedFloor, than obviously you do not want to damage it while sweeping. We therefore have developed two special ground cover sweepers to assist you. These machines are custom made by Steenks Service and are designed to not leave behind any tracks in your cultivation floor. Using our ground cover sweeper also saves a lot of time compared to manually sweeping the floor.

Stefix 73 ground cover sweeper

The Stefix 73 is our compact walk-behind ground cover sweeper that can be used on anti-root cloth, and has a capacity of 3,400 square meters per hour. The sweeper is developed in collaboration with some of our clients. The result is a machine with extra wide tires, a Honda petrol engine and wide brushes. Thanks to its wide tires, the Stefix 73 is suitable for the more soft floor surfaces like cultivation floors covered with anti-root cloth. Even on these soft surfaces the Stefix 73 will not leave behind any tire tracks. Furthermore, the petrol engine makes sure that you can operate the machine for a long period of time, while the wide brushes let you easily clean large surfaces.

Stefix 135 ground cover sweeper

For very large surfaces we have developed the Stefix 135, our powerhouse when it comes to sweeping anti-root cloth or foil. This ride-on machine has a capacity of no less than 10,000 square meters per hour. Thanks to its custom designed wheels, the machine does not leave any tracks behind in soft surfaces or on cultivation floors. Just like the Stefix 73, the Stefix 135 has a powerful Honda petrol engine which allows the ground cover sweeper to be operated without any interruptions for long periods of time.

Steenks Service: your specialist in horticultural machines

Steenks Service is your reliable specialist for all types of horticultural machines, such as the ground cover sweepers as mentioned above. You can count on Steenks Service if you want to to buy new or used horticultural machines, and even if you want to rent or lease a machine we are at your service. At your request our own technical service can perform all necessary maintenance and repair works, scheduled or not, at your company location. And, thanks to our extensive spare parts warehouse all repairs will be carried out in no time. Please feel free to contact us to discuss all possibilities.