Do you have to deal with peak periods or non-recurring assignments? At Steenks Service you can rent electrical tow tractors to assist you with all kinds of temporary activities. Renting a tow tractor at Steenks Service is possible for both long and short periods of time.

Our broad range of rental tow tractors

For decades Steenks Service is a well-known and renowned supplier of electrical tow tractors. Based in the Netherlands, we offer an inventory of new and used tow tractors that is unmatched worldwide. Visit one of the categories below for our current inventory.

Our most popular brands

Tow tractor rental for many purposes

Because of our vast experience as supplier of tow tractors, we can advice you the perfect rental machine to meet your specific needs. When selecting a suitable tow tractor, the size of the machine and the towing capacity are the most important factors. Our experts ensure that you will get the best possible machine for the job.

Furthermore, we are not only known for our vast experience with tow tractors, but also for our excellent service. When you rent a tow tractor at Steenks Service, we will make sure that it comes equipped with a suitable battery charger and towbar. And, if desired, we can deliver the rental tow tractor directly at your doorstep.

Applications for tow tractors

Due to our large inventory, supplying you with a suitable tow tractor is not a problem at all. We even have rental machines available in most heavy categories. Some possible purposes of rental tow tractors are:

  • To help you out during peak periods
  • To speed up the process of crop rotation in greenhouses
  • To move trailers with considerable speed
  • For smooth transportation on construction sites (both indoors and outdoors)
  • Reliable transportation inside factories, warehouses, airports, and distribution centers
  • As means of transportation for the technical department of hospitals, large factories, and for deliveries in densely populated areas (100% free of emissions)

Tow tractors for hire

Do you want to rent a tow tractor? If you rent a tow tractor at Steenks Service, then we assure you that the machine is up-to-date, is covered under liability insurance, and has passed al the applicable safety inspections.

Do you want more information about renting a tow tractor or do you want to make an inquiry? Feel free to contact us on the telephone number +31(0) 174 510 266 or just send us a message via the online contact form on this website.