Transport crops, leaves, and different substrates fast and efficiently out of your greenhouse with the Bio Hopper XL. The Bio Hopper is an incredible tool that can assist you when you are rotating your crops. It transports different contents by means of canvas tarps that you apply to the floor of your paths. The tarps are automatically pulled to the machine, which dumps the contents on the concrete path or in appropriate waste containers.

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Bio Hopper XL Crop waste handlingmachineNew
Bio Hopper XL Crop waste handlingmachine


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What the Bio Hopper XL does

This machine is specifically designed for horticulturists and uses the same tarps as the Bio Chopper Compact. You unroll these tarps in the paths of your greenhouse and make sure that all the leaves, crops, and substrates that you want transported are on these tarps. Next, you position the Bio Hopper XL at the beginning of the path and attach the tarp to the machine. The Bio Hopper will subsequently pull the tarp and its content to the machine and on to a conveyer belt that dumps the contents in a container or on the floor. You can use a tractor with an hydraulic pump to drive this reliable machine.

Order your Bio Hopper at Steenks Service

As your reliable supplier of tools for horticulturists, Steenks Service can supply you with a brand new Bio Hopper XL. We can also provide you with all the required maintenance and on the spot repairs. Feel free to contact us for more information about this remarkable machine.