Electrical burden carriers are electric tractors that are equipped with a platform that can be used to carry materials and supplies. These machines are more versatile than electric tow tractors, which can only be used to tow rolling loads. Because of their electrical engine, electric burden carriers are quiet and environmentally friendly. Therefore, these machines are used in city centers, recreational facilities, and industrial locations (indoor and outdoor) around the world. The vehicles have excellent maneuverability and are relatively small, which makes them ideal for crowded places where the use of cars and lorries is undesirable.

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Spijkstaal 210 with platform
Spijkstaal 210 with platform

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Towing capacity3000 kg
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Spijkstaal 304 with platformNew
Spijkstaal 304 with platform


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Towing capacity2500 kg
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Advantages of the use of electric burden carriers

Compared to a lorry or car, an electric burden carrier has certain advantages. Because of its relatively small size, the burden carrier is perfectly suitable for crowded places where there is not a lot of room to maneuver. Furthermore, electric burden carriers don’t produce exhaust gasses and produce very little noise. This makes them an excellent choice for resupply operations at nighttime and for deployment at indoor locations. Furthermore, all the vehicles on this page have an extremely long operating lifetime, are designed with safety in mind, and have very low operating costs.

Electric burden carrier from Steenks Service

You are welcome at Steenks Service to purchase, lease, or rent an electric burden carrier. We have a large selection of machines available from quality brands like Spijkstaal, Bull, and Still. We can also customize a burden carrier so it will fit you specific needs and demands. For instance, you can choose between a roll bar, an open cabin without doors, or a closed cabin with doors. The platform of the burden carrier is also highly customizable. The electric burden carrier is extremely versatile and our customers use them for instance for 24/7 resupply operations in cities and as a noise free and exhaust free solution for indoor locations. Contact us for advise with regards to an electric burden carrier that fits your specific needs and demands.

Video: Watch this video en discover how one of our customers uses an electric burden carrier for resupply operations in the city center of Amsterdam. Our burden carriers are small and nimble and are even allowed in places where cars and lorries are prohibited. Because of the low noise level, 24/7 resupply operations are possible.