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Roses harvest trolleyNew
Roses harvest trolley

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Frequently asked questions

What is a rose harvesting trolley?

A rose harvesting trolley is an electrically powered transport trolley that can drive over a pipe-rail system so that you can harvest roses. A person can stand on the trolley to steer it and, at the same time, harvest the roses.

How is the harvesting trolley driven?

The rose harvesting trolley has a drive control on the push handle. There are also two hip switches on the trolley that can be height adjusted. This control electrically drives the trolley. The maximum speed is 65 meters per minute.

Can the rose harvesting trolley be adjusted to the height of the crop?

The rose harvesting trolley has containers and bucket holders that can be height adjusted. In addition, the harvesting trolley also has a mechanical platform that can be adjusted in a height range of 18 to 58 centimetres.