Polyester strapping band (PET band) is a thermoplastic polyester strapping material that is used for strapping. PET strapping band is suitable to strap heavy goods due to its characteristics. Therefore it is mainly used in the logistics sector and warehouses where a lot of work is done with stacked goods, packaging and boxes on pallets. PET strapping band is characterized by its strength. The band is elastic, but does not lose its tension. In addition, the strapping band is UV-resistant and can be used outdoors, because the weather will not affect the strapping band. Furthermore the PET band is not sharp and doesnโ€™t leave scratches.

Why use polyester strapping band?

Due to the characteristics of PET strapping band, the strapping band is suitable for strapping heavy goods. It has a high strength, even so high that it could replace steel band when it has the right thickness. Furthermore, PET strapping band is ideal to strap loads that can settle, expand or shrink, because the band is flexible. And, PET band is ideal for loads that are sensitive to shock or shifting environments, because the band will remain its tension.

Differences with PP strapping band

Steenks Service has two different types of strapping band available. These are polyester strapping band (PET band) and polypropene strapping band (PP band). The difference is mainly the type of material. PET strapping band is stronger than PP strapping band. There PP band is used for strapping of light to medium-weight goods and PET band is used for strapping medium-weight to heavy goods. Another difference is the price between PET band and PP band. PP band is cheaper than PET band.

Recycling of strapping band

PET strapping band, just like PP strapping band, is suitable to recycle. Both types of strapping band are made of plastic and therefore also recyclable. A helpful tool for this could be the strap shredder. This chops the strapping band into small pieces to save space with storage.

High quality PET strapping band

For the performance of your strapping machine, it is important to use the right quality of strapping band, because low quality strapping band can have a negative impact on the performance of the strapping machine. Low quality strapping band can break, it may deform and it could contaminate the binding head. A dirty binding head can cause the strapping machine to perform less well. Steenks Service only supplies a high quality of PET strapping band. This PET strapping band has many meters on a roll from the right material, so you can enjoy strapping for as long as possible.

Buy PET band at Steenks Service

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