An air wheel trolley is the ideal means of transportation within a horticultural environment that has no pipe rail installation. The wheels of these trolleys are made of rubber, which means they are flexible, and therefore can be used on both flat and non-flat surfaces.

Different types of air wheel trolleys

At Steenks Service we understand that every client has its own list of requirements when it comes to transportation. That is why we offer different types of air wheel trolleys for different types of activities within the horticultural business. Our product range of air wheel trolleys consists of:

  • Scissor lifts;
  • Sitting trolleys;
  • Harvesting and transport trolleys;
  • Spray carts.

Below you can see the various types of air wheel trolleys we offer at Steenks Service.

New and used air wheel trolleys

Besides completely new air wheel trolleys, we also regularly offer used air wheel trolleys. Moreover, used air wheel trolleys can be exchanged at Steenks Service, or can be directly sold to us. This way we create a great selection of used air wheel trolleys for companies that prefer used machines, while at the same offering attractive prices to companies that prefer purchasing new machines when trading in their used air wheel trolleys. Contact us to make an appointment with one of our buyers. We are happy to visit you to determine the value of your machine(s) together.

Delivered in a fully operational state

Whether you buy a new air wheel trolley or a used one, all new and used air wheel trolleys are delivered in a fully operational state. So, after delivery you can immediately start using your air wheel trolley.

The best service, guaranteed

Our customers, as well as our employees, attach great importance to high quality service. For that reason, the team of Steenks Service puts their services at your disposal in case you encounter any problems while using our air wheel trolleys, or in case you have any questions about the machines. Furthermore, with pleasure we assist you during your search for air wheel trolleys fully that fit your company needs.

Because our service technicians regularly receive training to keep their knowledge level up-to-date, they are able to answer all your questions. Also, our service technicians are very well equipped to perform repair and maintenance activities to all of your air wheel trolleys. Depending on your preference, these activities can be performed in our own workshop or at your company location. Steenks Service guarantees to provide the best service for you and your air wheel trolley(s)!

Frequently asked questions

What is an air wheel trolley?

An air wheel trolley is a transport vehicle suited for flat and non-flat surfaces.

What types of air wheel trolleys are there?

There are different types of air wheel trolleys. For example: air wheel scissor lifts, air wheel sitting trolleys, air wheel harvesting and transport trolleys and spray carts on air wheels.

Is an air wheel trolley adjustable in height?

Yes, it depends on the type of air wheel trolley. The trolleys can be adjusted with mechanical or hydraulic mechanisms. The height varies between 0.5 meter and 2.80 meter. De maximum height depends on the type of trolley.

Where can you use an air wheel trolley for?

An air wheel trolley is suited for flat and non-flat surfaces. Air wheel trolleys can be used for harvesting, spraying, maintenance at low and high crop work.

What is the advantage of an air wheel trolley?

The advantage of an air wheel trolley is the wide applicability, because you are not dependent on a transport system.