Many industries make clever use of industrial electric tuggers these days. These machines are capable of doing a lot of heavy work and therefore are the ideal solution in many different situations. Steenks Service offers different models and types of industrial tuggers all over the world. To be able to meet the needs of every industry, big or small, Steenks has a wide range of products. Apart from that, we provide our customers with the opportunity to rent an electric tug. Renting an industrial tugger can be very efficient during temporary projects.

The industrial electric tuggers offered by Steenks Service can be used for both outdoor and indoor purposes. Additionally, Steenks provides in the needs for fully automated machines, so-called AGV tuggers. Those do not have to be manned and allow to automate the proces of internal transport. To get a better insight in the product supply of Steenks Service, take a look at our portfolio below.

New and used industrial tuggers

Our most popular electric tugger brands

Customized work for industrial tuggers

Next to standard products, Steenks Service is keen to offer customized work for an industrial electric tug that meets your exact needs. By having access to our own workshop, we are able to alter machines and act quickly. Some examples of customized work:

  • installing different draw hooks;
  • placing a housing construction;
  • altering the length of the tail of the machine;
  • delivering the machine in a desired colour;
  • build in a pick up mechanism (like a loading crane);
  • placing of a pump set including a water tank;
  • replacing a single seat by a two-seated bench;
  • lengthening the frame;
  • assembling an hydraulic dumper;
  • complete customization of electric tugger and co-steered trailers.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for any inquiry about customization possibilities.

Optimal service for your industrial tugger

We strive to offer optimal service to all of our clients, as service is one of our top priorities. The service we provide endures when you put your machines into operation. This means that all aspects belonging to maintenance as well as repairs, can be taken care of at our own workshop (or at your company location) and are performed by our own professionals. Also, inspections related to the VA-Keur safety hallmark (previously called VEBIT) can be carried out simultaneously with regular maintenance checkups. To be able to offer this optimal service, our team regularly participates in multiple training sessions to stay up to date. Our level of specialization is a unique asset, available to you at all times. Steenks Service guarantees the best service for your industrial electric tug!