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Dipcontainer/ Sanitizer bin StainlessNew
Dipcontainer/ Sanitizer bin Stainless

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Dipcontainer/ Sanitizer bin Stainless
Dipcontainer/ Sanitizer bin Stainless

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Frequently asked questions

What is a dip container?

A dip container is a container made of stainless steel that can be mounted to a pipe-rail trolley. The container can be used to hold a disinfectant so that the driver of the pipe-rail trolley can disinfect his hands. The container is electrically connected to the trolley.

How does the dip container work?

The dip container has a time controller than can stop and start the pipe-rail trolley. The container has two buttons that the driver needs to press to restart the pipe-rail trolley. The time controller allows you to set the time between dipping. A status LED indicates to the driver that he needs to dip his hands in the container. In addition, the container also contains a slosh guard and a level safety device to prevent the pipe-rail trolley from continuing if there is too little disinfectant in the container.

To which pipe-rail trolleys can a dip container be fitted?

A dip container can be fitted to Berkvens and Berg Hortimotive pipe-rail trolleys.

Why should I use a disinfection container?

A pipe-rail disinfection container can be used to prevent the spread of disease and pests through a greenhouse. The pipe-rail trolley stops whenever the driver needs to dip his hands. This time can be adjusted. Dipping your hands in the container will disinfect them and minimise the risk of spreading.