The Bio Chopper is a relatively small crop shredder that is indispensible during crop rotation in greenhouses for crops like peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers, strawberries, and eggplants. The machine is compact, fast, and reliable and will reduce the green waste after crop rotation to approximately 20% of the original volume. This enables you to dispose your green waste in a more affordable fashion.

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Bio Chopper Compact ShredderNew

Bio Chopper Compact Shredder


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How to use the Bio Chopper

The Bio Chopper Compact is a relatively small machine on rubber tracks that can easily maneuver on the concrete path of your greenhouse without damaging them. To use the machine, you have to place tarps in the paths of the greenhouse so the old plants and leaves fall on them. The Bio Chopper will subsequently pull the tarps to the machine and shred all of the contents. The maximum capacity of the Bio Chopper is 5.000 square meters an hour. The actual capacity depends on the conditions on site. With the swiveling discharge unit, green waste is effortlessly dumped in appropriate containers.

Buy your Bio Chopper Compact at Steenks Service

Fast and efficient crop rotation will become a breeze with the Bio Chopper Compact. Steenks Service is a reliable supplier of tools for horticulturists all over the world. We can also supply you with a brand new Bio Chopper Compact. Moreover, we can also provide you with on the spot maintenance and incidental repairs. Furthermore, we also stock different waste containers that can be used to collect the green waste.