There are several situations in which renting is preferred over purchasing. Think, for example, of temporary projects and contracted work by contractors, but also when a larger investment is not feasible for you at a given point in time. For these reasons, we rent out and lease new and used pipe rail trolleys, electric tractors, strapping machines and scrub / suction machines at fixed prices. This means that you can always maintain control over your investment, and don't have any costs or worries in terms of maintenance or inspection of the machines.

Including delivery

All our rentals are ready for use. The electric tractors are delivered with the required (appropriate) draw hook. For cleaning machine rentals, the machines are delivered with the required brush and, if desired, with detergents. Our pipe rail trolleys are always thoroughly cleaned and disinfected upon return from rental, so you can rely on the clean delivery of our rental stock.


The transport of rental machines can be arranged by you or by us. You can choose, for example, to collect and return the machines yourself, but you can also choose to have the transport arranged by Steenks Service. We use our own transport or our fixed transporters for this purpose. Deliveries are possible at home and abroad.

100 % warranty

You run no risk at all for the rental of new or used machines. All machines are delivered with a 100 % warranty on use during the rental period. Prior to delivery they are checked from A to Z, so that nothing is left to chance. The machines are fully reliable and can be used entirely according to your needs and requirements.

For short or long-term projects

At Steenks Service, rental agreements can be concluded for short or long-term periods. Lease agreements for large projects are also a possibility. We gladly join you in the thinking process to determine how we can best interpret your projects.

Do you have any other questions or would you like more information on renting or leasing our pipe rail trolleys, electric tractors, strapping machines or cleaning machines? Email us or call us. Steenks Service's team is ready to provide the necessary information to you.