10 / 10

Name: Fiona Haworth


Steenks are a professional company to deal with. Enquiries are promptly addressed and spares generally in stock and available for immediate despatch.

10 / 10

Name: Ermioni Krikochoriti / Kamarados Byron


Excellent service, very interesting and clever solutions for the greenhouse sector. In the near future we will definately increase our collaboration with Steenks Service. Many thanks !

9 / 10

Name: gerard vonk


good company, they try to help you as much as they can.
they also try to think with you , giving options or solutions very professional.

10 / 10

Name: Jesse Pacht


Steenks Service has provided excellent products and service for years. Their carts are reliable and easy to maintain.

10 / 10



I found in Steenks a good supplier that we need for our continuous improvement, very professional, with friendly people all the time in close contact with you, developing custom made machines and giving important advisers using their know-how working in this bussines more than 30 years. I can recomend to contact them if you need something for your company. Thanks for all and best wishes… JOSE COLLAZO

10 / 10

Name: Claus Feldborg


Great little machine. Save us a lot of time.
Stefix 95

10 / 10

Name: Jakub Smrek


We bought many Benomic Star trolleys and harvesting carts in 2014 and we are very satisfied with it.
We bought other Benomic Star trolleys also in this year 2018 and it is the same story – they are made in the best quality and at a good price. We really appreciate fast delivery of these trolleys. We like very much also service and support from Steenks.

10 / 10

Name: La Pacheca


Great experience! From minute one they understood perfectly all our needs and the service was excellent and quick.

8 / 10

Name: Lukasz Mruk


We are satisfied with the cooperation and our clients are satisfied with the products of Steenks Service.

10 / 10

Name: Chris Millis


If I need something for my glasshouse, the first place I go is Steenks. Always good service and support over a wide range of goods.

10 / 10

Name: Chris Millis


Steenks is the “go to” company for all my glasshouse equipment needs. They supply a wide range of equipment, are very competitive on price and have good support. The goods always arrive on time and packed safely. I would rate them 10 out of 10.