A multifunctional mover electrical trailer dolly enables you to effortlessly move heavy rolling loads. Electric movers can push or pull loads while you walk behind the machine (pedestrian operated). These machines are normally used to move rolling loads over a relatively short distance. For instance moving baggage trolleys, hospital beds, or sales carts is easy with the help of a multifunctional mover. Heavy-duty models are also suitable to move caravans, trailers, or even small airplanes. You can find electrical multifunctional movers in places like airports, factories, supermarkets, and hospitals.

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Bull TR-2 RCNew
Bull TR-2 RC


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Advantages of a multifunctional mover

The use of a multifunctional mover to push (or tow) rolling loads has many advantages over manpower. For instance, an electric mover will enable you to move heavy loads, which would normally require the assistance of multiple persons, all by yourself. With the help of a multifunctional mover trailer dolly, moving rolling cargo will become less physically demanding, which will enable you to work faster and more efficient.

Compared to other towing aids, like an electrical tow tractor, a mover has the advantage of extremely accurate maneuverability. The machine makes it easy to oversee every situation and coupling loads is effortless and quick.

A multifunctional electrical trailer dolly from Steenks Service

Steenk Service is your partner when you are looking to buy, rent, or lease a multifunctional dolly. We have a large assortment of multifunctional movers available and are more than happy to advice you regarding a multifunctional mover for your specific purpose. While we offer low-maintenance multifunctional movers, we can provide you with all the essential maintenance when necessary. In that case, our mechanics will visit your location to ensure that your multifunctional mover is in an excellent technical condition.

Video: Watch this video and discover how our customer Amsterdam Airport Schiphol uses multifunctional movers to simultaneously move a large number of baggage trolleys.

Frequently asked questions

What is a multifunctional mover?

A multifunctional mover is an electrically powered tractor that can be used to support the pulling or pushing of (heavy) rolling loads over short distances.

What goods can a multifunctional mover move?

A multifunctional mover can move rolling loads, such as shopping trolleys, roller containers, hospital beds, etc.