Each and every electro cart offered by Steenks Service is a powerful machine in its own right. Thanks to the pulling power of 500 kg up to 30,000 kg, our electro carts are very suitable for heavy work. Due to their varying pulling power and different configurations, the machines can be used in numerous industries. As a result of our wide product range, which contains brands such as Bull and Spijkstaal, we offer powerful and reliable electro carts that do not shy away from any challenge.

Electro carts for sale

For both new and used electro carts, you are at the right place at Steenks Service. The machines can be bought, but it is also possible to lease or rent the machines for temporary projects. We offer different types of electro carts from various brands. Do you prefer a custom-made electro cart? We are happy to realize it for you! Feel free to contact us regarding the possibilities. Our electro carts can be divided into the following categories:

New and used electro carts

Our most popular brands

Multi-purpose electro carts

Because electro carts, unlike vehicles with fuel engines, do not produce exhaust gases, electro carts can be used for any purpose. It, therefore, is not without reason that these machines are used in so many different industries and companies. Steenks Service electro carts are used, for example, in flower auctions, order picking, hospitals, railways, passenger transport, airports and in the industrial sector.

Benefits of an electro cart

Additional to an electro cart being environmentally friendly because it does not produce exhaust gases, an electro cart has another advantage over petrol-powered machines. That is, electro carts use a full traction battery, which ensures that maximum power is derived from the engine. Because the electro cart efficiently uses its power, maximum results are achieved.

New and used electro carts

Because we offer the possibility to sell used electro carts to us, or to trade them in with us, we both have new and used electro carts in our product range. When a used electro cart is sold to us, or is traded in with us, the machine undergoes a complete overhaul and visual revival before being offered for sale again. This way, we can ensure you that you can rely on a perfectly working electro cart. Besides profiting from attractive prices, all used electro carts are sold with a warranty, and with a high-frequency battery charger.

Customized electro cart

Are there no suitable electro carts that meet the needs of your organization? Or do you prefer a customized electro cart? No problem! At Steenks Service it is possible to submit a request for customization, so we can fully meet your wishes and can provide you with a custom electro cart. For example, you can think of extending the chassis, mounting a hydraulic tilting box, spraying the machine in any desired color, mounting a tow bar, placing a two-seater bench instead of a single seat, or extending the rear compartment.

Quality service at Steenks Service

Quality service is our top priority. We attach great value to it, and work on it constantly. Our service does not end after the purchase. If you encounter a problem, or if a question arises while using the machine, then know that our specialists are always happy to help you! All maintenance and repair activities to your electro cart are carried out by our professionals at your location or in our workshop. Because our technicians are continuously trained, they always keep their knowledge up-to-date, and they can always answer your questions.