Looking for a reliable aerial platform that you can use for maintenance work and crop activities in the greenhouse? Then we can recommend the Greenlift pipe rail trolleys from Berkvens. At Steenks Service we offer various Greenlift pipe rail trolleys, which we can adjust to your preferences if desired.

Benefits Berkvens Greenlift

A Greenlift offers the solution when you have to carry out crop activities at height or when your greenhouse needs maintenance. The machines are specially designed to allow your employees to perform harvesting and maintenance work quickly, safely, efficiently, and ergonomically. A Berkvens Greenlift is always equipped with a very powerful electric motor. Because of this, the trolley consistently drives at the selected driving speed and the energy consumption is low. In addition, the Greenlift pipe rail trolleys are equipped with both fixed wheels and swivel wheels, making the Greenlift easy to move.

Different types of Greenlift pipe rail trolleys

In our range, you will find various Greenlift pipe rail trolleys, each of which has its own characteristics. The Greenlift GLE3000 pipe rail trolley is suitable for all common pipe rail sizes, is 117 cm long, and weighs 195 kg. The minimum platform height of this trolley is 40 cm and the maximum height is 300 cm. The driving speed of the GLE3000 Greenlift is electronically adjustable and can be set to 0 - 3.6 km per hour on the pipe rail.

The hydraulic scissor trolley Greenlift GLC3000 is also suitable for all common pipe rail sizes, is 155 cm long, and weighs 320 kg. The minimum platform height is 46 cm and the maximum platform height is 300 cm. The Greenlift has two rubber concrete path wheels and two swivel wheels. The GLC3000 can be electronically set to a driving speed of 0 - 3.9 km per hour.

Buy, lease, or trade-in a Greenlift at Steenks Service

At Steenks Service we are happy to provide you with the best service. That is why it is not only possible to buy a pipe rail trolley from us, but we also offer the possibility to rent a Greenlift pipe rail trolley. This can be the solution for you if, for example, you experience temporary peak times, but the purchase of a new machine is not profitable enough. Do you have a used pipe rail trolley and would you like to exchange it for a new trolley? This also is possible at Steenks Service! Feel free to contact us to discuss the possibilities.