Metazet is a global total partner in horticulture and provides innovative solutions for every cultivation situation. Since its foundation in 1978, the company has become a well-known player in the market. Metazet develops and manufactures various systems and products for cultivation and internal logistics, including pipe rail systems and pipe rail trolleys. The company owes its popularity in greenhouse horticulture to its original activity, namely making hanging systems and support materials for companies in the horticultural sector. Now, 40 years later, Metazet still is an important manufacturer and supplier for growers, installers, and greenhouse builders worldwide.

Sliding rack for crates or bottom contai

Sliding rack for crates or bottom contai

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Metazet sliding rack

Metazet pipe rail trolleys

Metazet pipe rail trolleys are made to make greenhouse activities easier and more efficient. With the help of a pipe rail trolley from Metazet, carrying out work activities at height becomes a lot easier. Our offer includes the JBL Metazet pipe rail trolley. The trolley is equipped with two center wheels, which are suitable for various pipe sizes. Furthermore, the steps are removable, making the platform of the trolley adjustable in height. In addition, the complete operation of the Metazet pipe rail trolley is movable, allowing you to operate the trolley from any desired position. The rigid construction of the trolley ensures that the stability is a lot better compared to a scissor platform. If the trolley nevertheless is tilted, there is a detector that emits an acoustic signal.

Metazet pipe rail trolley for horticulture

Metazet pipe rail trolleys are very versatile. Growers use these for, amongst other things, the transport of vegetables, flowers, and plants, high and low crop work, spray-cleaning of gutters, and spraying crops. But a Metazet pipe rail trolley also offers a helping hand for maintenance and repair activities on the roof and glass or the cleaning of lights in the greenhouse. This makes the cart invaluable for horticulture!

Steenks Service supplier of Metazet

Are you interested in Metazet’s innovative solutions? Steenks Service has been a reliable supplier of Metazet pipe rail trolleys for a long time. Besides the fact that you can buy a Metazet pipe rail trolley from us, we also offer you the possibility to rent or lease a trolley. We can also take care of the maintenance of the pipe rail trolleys for you. If desired at your company location or in our professional workshop. Do you have specific wishes regarding your Metazet pipe rail trolley? We are happy to adapt your trolley to your wishes. If you have any questions, or when you would like to have more information, please feel free to contact us by phone at +31(0) 174 510 266 or via the contact form on our website. We are happy to help you find a suitable solution for your company!