About 19 years ago, Berg Hortimotive built the first Meto spray trolley in the current version. Nowerdays Steenks Service has delivered this machine to many gardeners worldwide. Recently the 1000th copy of the machine was made. This one is sold by Steenks Service to a customer in Australia. The Meto spray trolley is intended for automatic spraying of the crop. Thanks to this spray trolley you no longer need to be among the crop during spraying and this also provides significantly improved working conditions. The Meto spraytrolley also provides savings in labor when the trolley is combined with a fully automatic Meto-Transporter it can spray a greenhouse completely automatically. The Meto is succesfully used in different crops such as flowers and in the vegetable sector. Obviously we’ve developed the Meto over the years and the current model is equipped with the latest technology. This Meto features a very user-friendly color touch screen that makes the spraying program easy to set up. The comprehensive software is ao conducted in seven languages, with clear icons and can be adapted for use with a Dosatron. The Meto features durable materials such as vulkolan wheels and stainless steel sheet metal. Here’s a short demonstration video of the Meto:
In all the years that we are selling the Meto spray trolley, Berg Hortimotive has extradited Meto with special applications. We’ve developed a Meto specially for the cultivation of strawberries, for horizontal spraying at sows rose, for the cleaning of the greenhouse and for driving on an ebb and flow floor. Thanks to their reliable control Meto’s are also used in research institutions which collect data by means of camera images. Click here to go directly to the Meto page. Please click through our website to see used Meto’s, Meto transporters and other types of spray trolleys. Do you want more information about a Meto or one of our other sprayers, please do not hesitate to contact us.   Steenks Service is happy to help you, even when there are special custom-needs, together with Berg Hortimotive we can provide the right solution for you. With this we want to thank Berg Hortimotive for their cooperation!