Van der Voort is a pot plant grower based in Honselersdijk (the Netherlands). Their total concept, consisting of selling various types of plants, pot sizes, and various decorative items, requires a clean working environment. That is why Van der Voort has invested in a Stefix 95 suction sweeper.

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A labor-saving solution for Van der Voort Potplanten

In the processing area, various activities are carried out: pots are filled with soil, cuttings are taken and plants are wheeled into the greenhouse. During these activities, some dust and soil will always end up on the ground, which spreads further through the processing area due to the movement of people and machines.

In the past, a broom and an industrial vacuum cleaner were used to clean the processing area, which is a very time-consuming activity. In addition, the capacity of the industrial vacuum cleaner was nowhere near large enough to effectively clean the large area of the processing area. An employee of Van der Voort Potplanten often spent several hours on the cleaning activities.

The Stefix 95: an effective and efficient solution

The Stefix 95 provided a labor-saving solution for the company. With a capacity of 6,200 square meters per hour, the suction sweeper is able to clean the processing area of Van der Voort Potplanten within one hour. A big difference from the old way of working, where the company spent hours cleaning the processing area.

Rick Goodall (Van der Voort Potplanten) describes the Stefix 95, in combination with a side brush, as the perfect solution for the processing area. From his previous experiences with the machine, Rick knows that the Stefix 95 is simple to operate and super effective.

Moreover, the Stefix 95 actually makes the room dust-free. Sander Zuidgeest (Steenks Service) describes the machine as multifunctional: while sweeping, dust lying on the ground is immediately sucked up. With manual sweeping, the dust is basically only moved. The Stefix 95 actually sucks up the dust and stores it in the designated dirt container. After vacuuming, the dirt container can be easily emptied and is then ready for future use.

More information about Stefix 95?

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