For many growers, it will soon be that time again: the crop rotation. A new crop should start as optimally as possible, so good preparation and execution are of great importance. If the crop rotation is not carried out correctly, there is a good chance that pests and diseases will enter the crop, and of course, you want to prevent that!

During the crop rotation, hard work is done in the shortest possible time to remove the old plants, clean the greenhouse completely and prepare it for the new crop. The aim is to finish the cultivation clean so that the new cultivation can then be started clean again. At Steenks Service, we offer various machines that speed up and ease the cleaning of the greenhouse and the transport in the greenhouse during the crop rotation.

Transport in the greenhouse

In addition to the crop itself, old rock wool cultivation mats also need to be driven out of the greenhouse. Our MultiCart transport trolley offers the solution for this. Of course, this transport trolley can also be used to place the new rock wool cultivation mats in the greenhouse. In addition to driving rock wool mats in and out of the greenhouse, the MultiCart transport trolley is also suitable for transporting young plants on Danish trolleys.

Could you use some extra power to drive the trolleys with new plants back into the greenhouse? Then take a look at our electric tow tractors. These machines are needed all year round, but are also very popular during crop rotation, thanks to their enormous pulling power and their ability to quickly move the trolleys that need to be transported.

Cleaning the greenhouse

Has everything been removed from the greenhouse? Then it is time for a major scrubbing of the concrete paths. The scrubbing machines from our range will help you with this. Do you have to clean a large surface? The Stefix 1000 scrubbing machine has a cleaning capacity of no less than 5,500 m2 per hour, so your concrete floors are clean in no time.

Cleaning the greenhouse and the machines themselves is also an important step during crop rotation. Even the smallest crop residues can contain viruses and diseases. Our spray cart on air wheels and greenhouse roof cleaners, among others, offer you a helping hand.

Rent horticultural machines during your crop rotation

In addition to buying horticultural machines, Steenks Service also offers the possibility to rent various machines, including floor scrubbers and electric tow tractors. You can also contact us for the rental of pipe rail trolleys. These trolleys are often used during the crop rotation to hang AC foil in the new crop, and for covering and cleaning lamps in the greenhouse. Renting one or more machines can offer the solution when you only need the machine during the crop rotation. This prevents high purchase costs and you also do not have to worry about maintenance on the machine. We deliver the rented machine to you fully operational so that you can get started right away!

Easy and quick crop rotation | Steenks Service

Steenks Service: your partner in the greenhouse

Are you looking for a reliable partner who can support you during the crop rotation? Then you have come to the right place at Steenks Service. We supply high-quality new and used horticultural machines and are available during peak periods (such as crop rotation) to provide you with the necessary equipment. Our service team is also happy to assist you with service, repair, and maintenance work. Our professional mechanics carry out work on your machine to perfection, as desired in our workshop or at your location. Feel free to contact us if you would like advice or more information. Our specialists are happy to help you!