We have recently delivered 60 brand new roses harvest trolleys to our client Porta Nova. These new and improved harvest trolleys were specifically designed by the engineers of Steenks Service, in close collaboration with rose grower Porta Nova and Berg Hortimotive, a renowned supplier of horticultural machines.

The conception of the new roses harvest trolleys

The idea for the new and improved roses harvest trolley was sparked after a question from rose grower Porta Nova, based in Waddinxveen. This company was searching for a way to increase the efficiency of harvesting roses. The answer was a new roses harvest trolley that had to be firm, reliable, and adjustable in height.

With these requirements in mind, our engineers began with an intensive design process, in close collaboration with Porta Nova. Subsequently, a prototype was extensively tested in the Porta Nova greenhouse, which resulted in a couple of adjustments that had to be made to the prototype. Finally, Berg Hortimotive, a Dutch specialist in the production of pipe rail trolleys, took on the production of the final product.

Rose grower Porta Nova fully satisfied

The result of this process is an extremely reliable roses harvest trolley with two containers, in which the roses can be kept upright during ethe harvest. Both the containers and the platform of the trolleys are adjustable in height, which ensures that workers can harvest the roses in an ergonomically manner. The trolleys have a maximum speed of 70 meters per minute, which can be controlled with a hip switch. This way, workers can use both hands for harvesting the roses.

We are very pleased that Porta Nova is using the brand-new roses harvest trolleys to their full satisfaction. The design and production of these new trolleys is a great example of the possibilities that we offer our customers with regards to customization.

Steenks Service: for all your customized horticultural equipment

Do you need a custom solution for a problem that you experience inside your greenhouse? Then chances are that our engineers can provide you with a solution. We are renowned for our custom horticultural machines like the floor sweeper for ground covers and the roses harvest trolley. Feel free to contact us to discuss the possibilities for your specific needs.